LOCKS OF LOVE donation: i feel so good!

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  1. hi ladies! this is my first post in the beauty bar subforum.

    i just donated my blonde hair to locks of love on sunday. it is such a good feeling to know that a little girl will have a wig due to my donation. i read on their website that it takes 6 ponytails to make one wig!

    i cannot wait to re-grow another 10 inches, bc i will definitely donate again.

    i just wanted to share a few before and after pictures :smile:

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  2. Oh my gosh, that cut looks awesome on you! Good for you, being so kind. :tup:
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    What a beautiful, generous, selfless thing to do. Good on you tuffcookie. I bet you feel great for it. :tup:
  4. That is a wonderful organization. It was great of you to do this. Your new cut looks very hip. The little girl across the street did this when she was 6 years old and it was her own idea. I wish more people would think this way.
  5. Thats so great! What a great feeling to have. Good for you! The cut look excellent too! And your tattoos!!!:nuts: Awesome!
  6. Awww good for you!! Your new haircut looks great!!
  7. Way to go! :tup:

    You look great with your new haircut!
  8. you are SO awesome for doing that!!!! and what a cute cut :nuts:
  9. Bless you! That's so awesome you did that!!
  10. You look beautiful! I'm going in for the chop on the 5th (taking off 13-15 inches for Locks of Love). DH has been touching my hair all week, lol. You should submit your photos to Locks of Love!
  11. Awww congrats! You look great!!! :hugs:
  12. I do the same thing and bravo to you for doing it. I like my hair long, so I tend to let it grow long so that I can donate 12" and still have it at bra line. I just checked and it's to the middle of my butt, so it's time to cut again which is good, because it's about that time I realize it's getting more work than it's worth to maintain it!

    The best thing about hair is that it GROWS BACK.

    Pretty soon they're not going to want my hair for children any more because more and more is WHITE... it's pretty thick though, so I'm sure they can still pick those out!

    Cute cut on you!
  13. Looks great. What a nice thing to do :smile:
  14. thank you everyone for all your kind words! :hugs:

    i used a flat iron on my hair today and that really made the choppy layers noticable! intead of blow drying it with a round brush, im going to stick with the flat iron from now on :smile:

    berryblondeboys: how many times have you donated to L.O.L?
  15. It looks great! Congrats! My DBF just complimented your tattoos, he is in the process of sleaving as well.