Little tidbit about security sensors...

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  1. Very useful thread, I had no idea but I've never had any problems that I know of. I'm going to look through all my bags just in case.
  2. Once I had one of those sensors stuck to the bottom of my shoe. It kept setting the alarm and I showed them my bag contents, it still set it off because I didn't find out until later it was under my shoe. They laughed and let me go.
    Also, I wonder if Coach sews the sensors inside the Coach leather hangtag?!

  3. I sure hope not, I'm not removing the leather hangtag no matter how many alarms I set off! I've seen the sensors loose in some of the inside pockets of my bags, but honestly didn't know what they were, I'm so clueless sometimes :P
  4. I take mine out for this very reason. I was setting them off everywhere. Took a few times before i finally figured it out. LOL
  5. I have an Old Navy sweater that used to do that whenever I walked into Target...just Target. Not even if I went into Old Navy again while wearing. I didn't realize it was the sweater until one of the security guards asked me if I was wearing anything from ON. He said it happens all the time, lol.

  6. Yeah I toss them out too as soon as I cut the tags. I usually go to the Nike outlet after coach outlet and it sets off the alarm there. They just look at me with my coach bags and say 'oh you got coach, go ahead'... lol....
  7. OMG!! This just happened to me today. I carried my new Zoe and Cricket wallet today for the first time and when I went to the mall this morning I set off the alarm at three different stores including the Coach store. They ran my bag over the scanner and it never happened again but it is so funny that you posted this today.
  8. This happened to me with my Madison small wallet. One of the credit card slots was "tight" are really annoying to use, whcih really bothered me. After setting off a few alarms I went hunting for the sensor tag and found it hiding there in that credit card slot. lol!
  9. I go digging for mine as soon as I can and get them out. I check twice because sometimes I'll find more than one. Crazy.
  10. I know alot of store put dummy sensor tags on just as a deterrent to shoplifters. They don't actually do anything, but the company banks on the presence of a tag to be enough to stop anybody with sticky fingers. I'm assuming we're all honest people on this forum who would never steal anything, but on the off chance that we have some kleptos in out presence, I hope this thread doesn't give them any ideas. :nogood:
  11. I've wondered about that, too. Especially since I've left them in bags that never set anything off. It makes sense that it would deter, plus I would think dummy ones would be cheaper than real ones. To me it seems like everyone here (who posts! never know who's lurking) loves and appreciates Coach enough to pay for it. But you never know!
  12. My mom is constantly setting those things off. I always point at her and yell, "Shoplifter! Shoplifter!" Then she pretends to run.

    It's gonna be really funny when someone tackles her!
  13. lol! That's hilarious! You should film it when you do and put it on youtube.
  14. I totally understand. This happened to me a few weeks back with setting off a sensor and I caught a quick attitude up in Best Buy when the employee standing at the front door asked to check my purse. It seemed like he felt I swiped something because I was in and out quickly with only one small item that I paid for. Of course I didn't let this stranger rifle through my belongings because he had no evidence I stole anything. Feeling quite pissed at the situation I looked through my bag and then my new Coach wallet I had purchased a week ago still had that damn black sensor sticker in it.
  15. I knew about the sensor thing & have a story that goes along with it. Not too long ago I purchased a previuosly owned bag & didn't think I needed to check the pockets for sensors when it arrived. Well I went into the outlet & set off the alarm when I went in. However, since I was just walking in & had a bag w/an item I was getting a PA on, I didn't think anything of it & neither did they b/c they looked at me and said no biggy. But when I was leaving and walking out the door, the alarm went off again. I looked back to see what I should do and the manager comes over to "help" me. She takes my outlet bag, runs it over the counter, hands it back to me & I walk through again. Beep, beep, beep again! I was like damn, what is it? I figured it was my cell, keyfob, something. The manager then asked me if I've had my purse for a long time. I told her no (& didn't feel the need to go on about it being new to me but it was old, etc., etc.). Anyway, get this....SHE proceeded to GO THROUGH MY PURSE!!!!!!! I was like um......WTF are you doing!?!!!! I didn't say this b/c I was soooo shocked and couldn't believe what I was seeing! As she was rummaging through my belongings, zippers, etc., I begin to sense that people are watching "this" (we were right outside the front double doors). At that point I start pulling my purse back. Which I guess made her think something else b/c she then goes faster & faster looking through my bag (it was big - XL Lily)! Then I was REALLY like W T F?!!! At that point, I "took over" & reached into the interior zipper & found one of those little bitty sensors burried way down at the bottom corner. Never once felt it or saw it when I was loading my stuff in it. Anyway, I thought that was quite odd that SHE went looking through/rummaging through my purse instead of...PERHAPS ASKING ME TO GO THROUGH IT!!!