Little tidbit about security sensors...

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  1. Sorry if this is common knowledge and I'm the only one who didn't know about the sensor issue. Yesterday when I walked into the outlet I set the alarm off. This is nothing new, I set it off everytime I go to any store that has the security things you walk through, sometimes even the library! It's so frequent that sometimes the Walmart greeters don't even check my bags/receipt anymore, they just giggle and wave me on in or out because they know it's just something about me, they think it's my cell phone. Anyway, the SA was right beside the door when I set off the alarm and asked me if I was carrying anything Coach. I guess she didn't recognize my Ergo hobo, so I was like yeah my bag, wallet,couple other things in my bag...(almost said Legacy perfume but didn't know quite how that could set off an alarm :lol:) Then she asked me if I set them off at other places too and I said, "ALL THE TIME!!!" She asked if I had thrown the security tag thingy away and I was like, huh? So I got in the zipper pocket and sure enough there was the little black sensor. She said sometimes they get reactivated(?) and can set off alarms. I took it out and walked through the door again and sure enough it didn't go off! I don't know why I've never thrown them away, I guess I just never think about it.

    So the moral of the story is if you don't want store employees and little old librarian ladies thinking you're a thief, take out those sensor things and toss 'em! That is all! :P
  2. I always toss mine out as soon as I find them :lol: Whenever I set off the alarm, I'll just go up to the counter and volunteer to show my purse contents and goods in my shopping bags to prove that I'm not stealing :P
  3. you know, I have a non coach bag that sets off alarms and although I have looked through EVERY pocket, I can't find the stupid thing....I am convinced it is sewn into the lining. :smile:

    Nice post.
  4. Well obviously if you keep setting them off you have a security sensor somewhere and that can be embarrassing at times. I used to think that anything metal/magnetic would trick them up, but no, it's some kind of security tag. The trick is that they are often really well hidden like the one hiding in your bag. Retailers probably do that to deter shoplifters. You'll find them attached to tags inside your bag, in the zippered pockets, and all kinds of places.

    This reminded me of when my sis kept setting them off wherever she went. It would be very random and she knew it wasn't her bag or anything in it because she typically carried the same stuff all the time and that never happened. Well guess where the tag was? She bought some pants at Old Navy and they physically stitch the tags inside of the garment. You have to physically cut it off just like you would maybe a shirt tag at the neck of your shirt. It was the funniest thing ever!
  5. I really thought it was my cell phone. :lol: sounds silly...I know. But the thing is, I dug around and found a few in my other bags last night and those bags don't set them off. I've just noticed it since I've been carrying my hobo. I wonder if you have enough junk in your purse if it kind of gets buried and doesn't activate the alarm. And then the SA said they get reactivated, which made me think they must get deactivated when you buy the bag or something. I'm totally clueless about this kind of stuff, but glad I know now, even if it is a little late. Can't wait to go to walmart and shock the greeter when I don't beep! :lol:
  6. This happened to me with a Columbia coat. It had one of those tags you're supposed to cut off, but it was hidden deep inside a pocket and hard to get to, so I didn't even know it was there until someone at a store mentioned to me that there might be one!

    Funny story about sensors though...slightly unrelated. I bought some new running shoes the other day and got home to realize they hadn't removed the sensor. Had it gone off when I was leaving, I might have noticed, but it didn't. The store wasn't close to wear I lived, so I went to the same store in a city closer to where I lived. They said they couldn't remove the sensor because they don't put them on their shoes. The other store is the only one in the area that does because they have theft issues.

    But I find it funny that these little sensors don't even go off! What's the point of the sensors then? lol

    Anyway, I had to drive all the way back to the original store to get it removed.

    Moral of my story – check your shoes (clothes, etc) before leaving the store!
  7. Haha good point about checking before you leave the store. That's happened to me before, too, where I have to go back to the store and have them remove the tag. I agree and was thinking the same thing, what's the point if they don't even set them off half the time?
  8. Great story! For what it's worth...I've never paid attention to those little sensors which might explain alot! I'm going to search all the pockets of my bags!:lol:
  9. or they DO set them off, but no one pays any attention.
  10. Oh yeah! That reminds me of another funny story! My bf, sis, and I bought my mom a Coach bag last Christmas at Macy's and the SA wrapped it in paper and put it in a box and everything before she bagged it. Well we left and it was all good, but we decided to shop around the mall for a while. We kept going in other stores and kept setting off those sensors. So we're like, "Great, what the heck did we buy that has a security tag on it?" Seeing as it is Christmas time, we had purchased lots of other gifts that day. Sure enough, we open the Coach box, peek through the tissue, and there was a fatty security sensor big as life in there. Um...duh!!! It was one of those plastic ones you have to use the special device to remove them with. So we go back and the SA laughs because she had concentrated so much on wrapping the darn thing that she completely forgot the security tag. It was all good, I just felt bad because she had to wrap the thing all over again. But seriously, why did it not go off at Macy's, yet go off at every other damn store in the mall? LOL!!! It didn't even go off when we went back in the store!
  11. Oh yeah... so annoying! lol

    With my orchid zoe, I found the sensor and took it out and then I beeped at walmart and at auto zone and all sorts of places and I was like WTF I already took it out! But... there was another one hiding in there :Push: d'oh! lol

    If you can't find the sensor, they can just deactivate it at the register as well as long as you take out your credit cards (any card with a magnetic scan stripe thing) and cell phone so they don't get messed up!
  12. I had that happen with a big, puffy Hollister coat.. it had one of those tiny tag things, except it was attached and I had just never cut it out; I walked into Victoria's Secret one day (and set off the alarm) and they made me cut it out before I left--it was really embarrassing! Now I always check all my bags, shirts, etc. for those little tags before I wear them!
  13. Yeah, I learned this the hard way too. I went to Ross to buy luggage for our trip last Christmas. They searched the luggage all the way and people was staring. It was so embarrassing, I even asked them if they would like to see my purse and they politely said "no, it is not necessary". Anyway, two days later I found the thingy inside one of my pockets of my new wallet :/
  14. I had one in my Madison wristlet for weeks before I took it out. It was annoying because the beeper went off everywhere!
  15. I think it was borders but my mom set off the alarm because she had the tag inside her new bag and the SA immediately knew it was the sensor because it was a coach bag. xD