Little tidbit about security sensors...

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  1. This also happened to me with a banana republic bag I purchased off ebay a year ago. Was setting off alarms whenever I went into WalMart and getting funny looks from those folks who stand there greeting you when you come in. I had to do some real digging to find that one sticker. It's always in some inconsipicous place.
  2. Wow, bellagal, is that even legal? Even police can't go through your things without a search warrant or am I mistaken?
  3. Great story, thanks! That's never happened to me and I always forget to take the little security tags out, so I guess I've been lucky so far. I'll try and remember to take them out from now on in though!
  4. Um, NO!! I told this story to the gals at the boutique & their jaws dropped!! They said that they don't have the right to do that. They told me that I should have talked to a manager after that but I told them that IT WAS THE MANAGER! I also told the boutique gals that I was just in shock that her hands were in my purse that I couldn't even say anything! Boutique gals then said that I should have then contacted customer service. I never did but agreed with them that it was WRONG!
  5. Oh my! I wouldn't know what to do either, bellagal. I think I would have had the same reaction, too shocked to say anything. The SA that told me about it was really nice. When she told me about the sensor I immediately put my bag down and went right for the zipper pocket and she said, "Oh, I didn't mean you have to do it now, just wanted to let you know that's probably what it is." Then she asked if I wanted her to throw it away. I used to work at Buckle and when we'd get someone who set it off, we'd have to wait for mall security, we never asked to go through someone's personal bag. We would look through the shopping bag if they had just bought something though, but that was to see if we had left a tag on. We did have to have our purses searched any time we left the store...breaks or end of shifts. Those were never thorough though, I don't even remember anyone sticking their hands in my bag, they just looked.
  6. I had the same thing happen with a pair of Old Navy Jeans.

    I hadn't cut off that tag and set the alarm off heading into Walgreens!

    The sales person asked if those were new jeans, I had worn them several times and washed them as well. Although I hadn't seen the tag.

    Once I got to work I cut the tag off in the bathroom and it never happened again.
  7. OP this happened to me at the Coach outlet a month ago! I was carrying my heritage gunmetal stripe tote and i beeped the second i walked in. Right away i figured it was that stupid sensor tag since i forgot to throw it out and instantly remembered it was there. They made me take out my credit cards and phone, scanned the bag, and then it was ok. Crap i bet that sensor is still in my bag right now. The reason i forget is because i sometimes leave the care card in the same pocket that was with the sensor tag! Ok now all these stories are going to make me paranoid so i'm checking all my Coach tomorrow LOL

  8. I am LMAO because I so do this... I alway forget to get ride of the miss items in my new bags andd the sensor is one of them... SO there I go getting security all frecked out about me.....
  9. This happened to me repeatedly with a MFF wallet I was carrying. At that time I was working in retail, and every time the security sensor would go off we would have to log it in a book (talk about PITA!). I kept desensitizing my wallet, but it would still set off the alarm. I checked my wallet a million times before for a sensor strip, but nothing. Then one day I checked again, and found one in one of the credit card slots. Since then I have been OCD about clearing out my bags/wallets for any sensors.
  10. This happened to me just last week! I was taking back my metallic Peyton and it dinged the machines in Nordstrom Rack (both doors--the outer doors from the parking lot and then the inner doors that open to the mall!)! Arg! THEN, it went off AGAIN going into the Coach store. How embarrassing (3 alarms, EGADS!)! Boo to sticky-sensor-thingies-that-you-sometimes-can't-find-easily-in-your-new-purchase!!