Lets Talk about Jimmy Choo Shoes!

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  1. Do you have lots of pairs?
    Shoes, boots, sandals, or all three?
    What are your thoughts on the sizing...do you go up or down?
    How do they wear?
    Have you ever worn them out and had them re-soled?
    Do you have a favorite pair?
    What is your oldest pair?
  2. :yahoo: omg wow!! This is great

    I don't have a lot of pairs. Just three :shame: one pair of boots and two open toe sandals.

    I feel like Jimmy Choo is relatively true to size, pretty comfortable (after you break them in however)

    I am loving the boots they have this season. I was looking at the Jesse (patent leather boots) and the classic Orchid.
  3. I have boots, sandals, and shoes. My first pair was the Jola flat, which I bought in Burgundy and Tan. This flat is biker leather with watersnake accents to match the Biker/Snake bags that came out in 2007.

    I love the Choo casual flats, especially the ones with rubber soles. I have never found a flat that was more comfortable.

    I wear them often, and have added many more pairs of Choo flats since 2007. I also like the flat sandals and yearned for the black leather gladiator flat sandals from 2008 for ages, until one pair in my size turned up.

    I find the Choos pretty true to size, but did go up a half size when I bought my only pair of 2" Choo heels.

    I store my Choos in their original box.

    Here is a picture of the flats that started it all...

  4. Here are the Jesse and Orchid boots


    jesseboot.jpg orchidboot.jpg
  5. Ohhh...good idea for a thread! I have lots of the flats. I just got the Wells in that bright yellow patent and they are super comfy. They run a little small so I sized up to 39. Normally I am a 38.5 in Choo. I, too store mine in their cute little lilac boxes.
    I have 4 pairs of boots and a few pairs of wedges and am down to one pair of heels.

    My favorite pair is my new purple patent sandals...or maybe it is my snakeskin wedges...no it is my fringed hippi chick boots...but I do love all my flats!

    I'll try to post a pic tomorrow...can't wait to see everybody's Choos so you must all post pics!!!!
  6. yes, I was thinking which pair to get.

    The pair of boots that I have now (forgot the name) are similar to the Jesse. They were last out years ago lol but they could be worn slouched or tall.

    However with the orchid, I feel I could wear with jeans, but the pointy toe is something I worry about. I wear a size 9 and don't want to walk around like I have clown sized feet!

    I must look into JC flats. I can post some pics of my shoes as well.
  7. ok. So I was checking the website at the new arrivals. i know that its fall and all but I couldnt keep my eyes off these babies. I don't know what it is about them!! so cute

  8. Oooh, ooh!!!

    I have a pair of studded sandals, a pair of espadrilles, and the Elaphe snake sandals! All super high!
  9. Love this thread. While I'm far from having a collection of Choo shoes, I have been very pleased with what I have tried so far. No heels yet! But I'm practicing on a pair of 3 inch CL's... I'm re-issuing this photo because I practically LIVED in these this summer.

    Maui- Cruise 09
    017.JPG 018.JPG
  10. ^ omg those are amazing! i love the back ankle support
  11. dreambag, your sandals are cute! Are the bottoms leather or rubber? How did they wear?
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  12. Thanks! They are considered "jelly" thongs. And they are actually very durable soft plastic. To tell you the truth they wipe clean with a wet towel and and look as good as the day I got them.

    P.S. Plenty of my DD's softball and soccer games put them to the test!
  13. FYI - I made a separate reference thread for footwear. I split the accessories thread up and transferred the pics to the new thread.
  14. I love JC shoes they are my fav. I have 3 pairs. I never really wear heels so I don't own that many. My fav pair is the Disco sandal which are shown in my pic! I wear true to size.....
  15. I think I have over 30 pairs of their shoes, from when they first launched. Over 2/3 of my collection are their boots. I have multiple copies of the same boots since I wear them to death. For me, I'm usually TTS 90% of the time and sometimes, I can go half size smaller in their shoes. I think their shoes used to have much better style and have recently not been so fond. Luckily, their house boots are my go to styles every F/W cuz they're so classic and flattering. They always get so many compliments, from both men and women. Only complaint I've heard is that the boots are harder to pull off if your calves are aren't relatively slim.