Lets Talk about Jimmy Choo Shoes!

Apr 25, 2021
Jimmy Choo, a London-based luxury shoe brand known for its stiletto heels, has been snapped up by Michael Kors Holdings for about £896 million (S$1.59 billion).

The brand, which was founded in the 1990s, put itself up for sale in April after its majority shareholder disclosed its intention to move away from fashion to focus more on its food and beverage businesses.
Interesting, I didn’t know this! I wonder how it will affect the brand’s reputation...


Jun 27, 2012
I was feeling a little adventurous lately and snagged these during a sale at Saks. They were something like $180 so I just went for it though I've never owned anything snakeskin (print).:eek:Do you think snakeskin is a seasonal or style-specific look? Or do you think it looks OK any season and with any style?

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Personally I think they can be worn any season. I have a pair of vince camuto snakeskin booties that I bought in fall last year and wore all fall, winter, still in spring. And actually plan on styling them a few times with shorts. I think shorts and booties are super cute together personally.
so I vote seasonless.
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