Let's Show How We Do LV Hacks!! Share Your Innovative Ideas and Ways to Modify LV

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  1. This is amazing. I love the personalized look. Rock that bag, girl!
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  2. Thank you love! :heart::heart::heart:
  3. DE Mini PA worn as a belt bag. Cannot wait for warmer weather.

  4. Dauphine chain and another random chain on my PM.
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  5. Do any Noe Pouch owners have some crossbody or hand-held mods that don't involve invasive surgery? I'm hoping to avoid poking holes in the lining!
  6. I didn’t poke holes in mine. Purchased D rings at Joanne’s Fabric store then used two pliers to pull them open and slip through existing holes.

    My Instagram has pictures @tiffanyandlouisv
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  7. My Noe BB with a Melie strap, Mcraftleather strap keeper and luggage tag. IMG_5523.jpeg
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  8. It’s not the most innovative hack but I recently converted my Looping MM and GM to crossbody bags. I used an MCraft Leather strap for the GM and I purchased a monogram strap for the MM. I will probably alternate the straps as on both bags depending on my feelings for the day.

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  9. Love this!!
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  10. Thank you for your tricks! Love the electrical tape idea and the heat gun idea!
  11. This looks awesome!!
  12. Love this. Where do you purchase the hardware for the loops on the side?
  13. Check out kkleathergoods for some ways to customize your LV.
  14. Looks really good!! [emoji173]️
  15. Wow this is gorgeous!! [emoji7]
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