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  1. Ok um...what bag??? You’re so pretty I’m not even looking at the bag! :girlsigh:

  2. I see your point - totally forgot about that. Thanks.
  3. Here is my Ravello PM. I do like the short strap but decided to add a long chain shoulder strap to just to make it more functional. The D-rings on the bag are quite thick so a standard clasp won't fit. I had few LV key ring holders/extenders and simply added them to a gold chain strap I had from another bag.
    When I am not using the short strap I turn it on its reverse so it sits beneath the bag. Looks good!

    IMG_20190729_1312557 cropped.jpg

    IMG_20190729_1312086 cropped.jpg
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  4. This actually looks great with the black trim and handles. Makes the DA really pop!
  5. Mistake #1 that I made when punching the first hole (the left hole) MVIMG_20190810_203141.jpg MVIMG_20190810_203127.jpg MVIMG_20190810_203131.jpg MVIMG_20190810_203141.jpg MVIMG_20190810_203127.jpg MVIMG_20190810_203131.jpg was not checking where the hole would land on the inside of the bag. It landed right on the stitching line so therefore I punched a hole right on the stitches and broke the stitches :sad: . To try and prevent further damage to the and prevent loosening I painted over the top of the stitches with clear nail polish to lock the thread down in place. After feeling horrified from my terrible mistake during the punching of the first hole, I took better care in lining up the position of the second hole and made it a few milimeters higher so as to not repeat the same mistake hahah
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    Hi all! Not innovative, but I received the insert I bought online for my TP26, and just wanted to show the photos.. I think the indigo epi went well with a strap that I have in my collection:love:

    Sorry for the modeling shots, I only have this tiny full length mirror at home!:amuse:

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  7. That is so cute:smile: I had no idea inserts had that ring! Love the strap!
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  8. Thank you!:blush: I think this version is a tad too tall, but well it serves it’s purpose. I love this strap too, especially with the embroidery. I’ve never found a matching bag for it (it’s a awkward length) until now...
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  9. Where did you find this lovely insert?
  10. I love this and love that you made it work for you.. it looks great!
  11. I love it! I was thinking about purchasing this particular color but wasn’t sure if it would work with a navy blue dress. Is your dress navy? It’s hsrd to tell on my phone. Thanks for the visuals. :heart:
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  12. Thanks:smile: I bought it on the taobao international app... There’re lots of inserts for luxury bags, guess it’s similar to buying on amazon? I think it makes the space constricted though. Think I like it better as a clutch..
  13. Yes my dress is navy too! Think it would blend right in, I’d personally add an accessory to make it pop, or other colours with it. I’m no stylist though :lol:
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  14. Hack number 2! So happy with how it turned out!:yahoo:PM strap goes with everything!

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