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  1. Ooh I like this idea!! [emoji7]
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  2. Thank you
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  3. Oh...I would definitely think about buying the Steamer eclipse backpack and go through them to customize the backpack.
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  4. Has anyone taken the strap off the Odeon to use Mono straps? Or other straps?
  5. Loving this thread. I see so many ideas.
    I also see a bag or two that I should've kept, and converted. I know what to do in the future. Thanks for posting.
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  6. Does anyone wear their mini Pochette as a belt bag?
    I’m curious as to what strap you might use. I’ve tried the adjustable monogram strap but it’s too big.
  7. If you go back a page or two someone posted a pic. Looks like they used a chain, not sure from where.
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  8. I worked with her before, she did awesome work btw. Pics of three items I don with her. I love customization. Photo Feb 29, 9 17 28 AM.jpg Photo Mar 28, 7 58 09 AM.jpg
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  9. I decided to take the rings out of my GM agenda but can’t seem to figure out how to get these little pegs that held the screws out. Has anyone successfully removed these or am I stuck with them? It’s not a huge deal because I’ll only be using it when the planner is open so I won’t even see them but aesthetically I’d like them out if I can get them out without ruining the agenda.

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  10. My mother cut off the side cinch straps on my old Neverfull GM Damier Ebene, and she loves it. I had gotten a cinch strap caught on a door and it had broken off, so she just finished the entire thing off LOL! Still works as a great bag for work/travel as she uses it, and it still looks decent! Someone called her out about it being a "fake bag" because it didn't have the cinch straps on it anymore and her response was "1. It IS real, and 2. If I pay this much for a bag I can do whatever the hell I want to it!"
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  11. Love it. Could you please give us a picture how it looks on the inside where you have positioned the screw in hooks?
  12. Totally loving it. I think the shine is gorgeous and you should enjoy the shine as long as it lasts. I also love the uniqueness of it
  13. I hoped to see some hacks fixing a chipped NF trimming? Did anyone try anything to fix a chip or crack in a DE NF ??
  14. I purchased these from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/DGOL-Chicago-Degree-Rotate-Buttons/dp/B07KF6SRKF/ref=pd_bap_rp_6/133-2658101-4964657?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07KF6SRKF&pd_rd_r=22f5656d-6a3e-4118-8495-bf6595076002&pd_rd_w=XMHYx&pd_rd_wg=UHyBI&pf_rd_p=abc0506c-b82d-4b55-b9c7-a58b82d668ad&pf_rd_r=75EH3CYJZ66RZ608YBR9&psc=1&refRID=75EH3CYJZ66RZ608YBR9

    I also purchased these from Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/503383714/5-sets-solid-brass-connector-joint?ref=yr_purchases

    They were comparable but the Amazon ones are Prime so they came in 2 days. The Etsy grommets were from China so it took a couple weeks.
  15. I think replacing it is €50. Restoring it yourself could cause LV to never repair the bag again.
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