Legacy Stripe Purse Lining

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  1. Has anyone else found that the Legacy Stripe lining in their bags isn't holding up very well? I was looking at the lining this morning and noticed that it looks really bad, especially near the top zipper. My concern is that the lining will be destroyed in six months. I don't have the ability to post a photo right now but I will post one later so you can see what I am talking about. It's fading quite a bit, especially around the little holes where the lining is stitched to the bag.

    I am really pretty easy on my bags and I can't believe how quickly the lining is showing wear. I love the stripe lining so much and this is a real bummer!
  2. honestly, that doesn't surprise me...especially where the white stripe is, i would expect that to get dirty quickest. not sure abou the fading though- have you left your bag in the sun? and where it's fading is where the sun may have hit it?
  3. Mine looked great before I turned it in for a new one.
  4. No - not possible. I am stuck in an office all day and I am not much of an outside person even when I am not at work. I also don't spend any time in the car where I would leave it sitting on the car seat in the sun. I keep it zipped up all of the time so I don't think it's sun fading. I will post a photo later so you can see what I am talking about. It's very hard to describe.
  5. If it gets dirty, use a tide pen! That's what I did and it's clean again.
  6. I've been using my Legacy Signature Shoulder bag, Legacy Sig Framed French Purse and the Legacy Sig Wristlet on a daily basis and so far, so good! I do check the lining of each every few days to see if its messed up and nothing. I WAS worried about that, too.
  7. As long as yours isn't fraying or pilling I can still use mine and be happy. The lining of my wristlet is fine and I have been using it every day.
  8. Here is what I am talking about. I couldn't get a very good photo of what I am trying to show and the fading/damage looks a lot worse in person. I almost hated to post these because the photos are not an accurate depiction of what's happening.


  9. Oh, wow... Now I gotta go double check my bag!!
  10. Just checked my lining and no sign of that yet... What are you going to do about that? Have you called your local boutique or Coach CS yet?
  11. I haven't done anything yet. Based on your reaction, I see that I am not overreacting. I was afraid that I was making a big deal of what others might consider to be nothing. I am going to call the boutique first and see what they say. I think it looks really bad and it makes me really sad because I love this purse so much.
  12. Wow I have to run check my bag now! please let us know what they say!
  13. oh, i get what you mean now...

    personally, i would take it back into coach and see what they say.
  14. Oh, no... we pay good money for things we LOVE. If I had noticed something like that on my bag's lining, I'd be making some calls. I haven't heard of that happening so I don't know why it could be... Besides, all I have is tPF... there is no one else I know (here in my small @88 city) that collects Coach so I can't check with anyone else who would own a bag with this lining... :shrugs:

    Ughh, missing CA now...:crybaby:
  15. Okay, the phone call was definitely worthless. The SA said that the lining of these bags is sateen (yes, I knew that) and so this is to be expected. I disagree and I think I'll take it in next week for the manager to see. At the rate that the damage is progressing I think it's going to be completely frayed and falling apart in a matter of months.

    What bothers me so much is that I haven't carried it every day since I got it and I have not abused it in any way. What if I wasn't so careful with it? I just want this bag to last for a really long time because it's my favorite purse.