Leather Skirts Trash or Class ?

  1. In your wardrobe and for your personal style are leather skirts still in or out ?

    I just looked in mine and I don't have any, anymore, so, I guess there out for me.
  2. I don't have any in my closet. They're very sexy, though. Not conservative at all!
  3. I still have a black leather pencil skirt that hits right below the knee that I love! As long as it's not TOO tight, and TOO short it's fine with me. :smile:
  4. It depends on what top and shoes you wear it with I think. Slinky, tiny, trashy top = trash but button up, nice shirt or nice classy shirt = class.

    I don't own one though.
  5. I've never worn a leather skirt. I think one like jeannie described would be cool - not too short and not too tight.
  6. I wear them quite a bit--but usually buy ones with some other element, e.g. The Wrights leather skirts interest me because of the embellishment that is frequently found on the skirt. I like them mixed with crochet or lace or pierced leather or a flounce some other unexpected feature. And I would never wear one with a leather jacket--but like to mix with softer materials for the contrast. But, my personal style when it comes to clothing can be very idiosyncratic. I have no idea if they're in or not in the larger world or how people wear them and it wouldn't affect what I wear anyway. But I just love them--I probably have about a half dozen different ones, all black, except for one, which is a dark red.
  7. I have a few and I think they're very classy dressed up with a nice handbag and pair of shoes. Nothing too tight or chort though!
  8. It depends on the design of the skirt. I have an ankle length, soft suede, a-line skirt that is cut at a slight angle. I adore it! People are always asking me where I got it from.
  9. I have one that I haven't worn in awhile. When I do wear it I try to tone it down a bit 'cause I'm not young anymore.:cry: I usually wear it in the fall with dress boots and a turtleneck sweater or with heels and a pretty blouse.
  10. kat's description of wearing a leather skirt with a turtleneck and boots sounds really classy and pretty.....

    i personally don't own any leather (just because i'm afraid it'll be uncomfortable) :shame:
  11. I don't own one, but I think it's like any other article of clothing - depends on how you wear it!
  12. Absolutely depends on how you wear it.

    Knee length pencil skirt is classic and sexy with a white button shirt and black stilettos.

    Anything too short is tasteless.
  13. That's how I wear mine! :P
  14. I don't have any, however, I still think they look great. Depending on the length. I wouldn't want to see somewhere wearing it barely covering their butt (although, I feel that way for most skirts).
  15. I Keep All My Leather (Mostly Keep An Extra Closet).....At This Point In Time I Am Not Wearing Any Of My Leather Skirts.