Le Metier de Beaute lovers thread!

  1. Today's the last day for my blog giveaway. Up for grab is Le Metier de Beaute Summer's Kiss Bronzing Kit.

  2. I played with Dustin's new palette this weekend. Very pastel, but I can work with them.
    Lots of fun new colors coming out. If you like purples, you will be happy.
  3. Aw, thanks. :smile: I have a ton of other kaleidoscope EOTDs up on there under the "Faces" page. My next project is Dustin Lujan's Pallid Incandescents.

  4. I was reading your blog that there is only going to 100 available....100!? I didn't actually notice the "Faces" tab I was clicking through the bottom where it say "You might also like" which got me through alot of your LMdB. Look forward to reading your review.
  5. As much as pastels are not for me, I'm a total fan of purples :p!!!! Thank you, you just made my day :smile:

    Any idea when these may appear?
  6. yes me too! There will be violet and lavander lip cremes and shadows! :smile:)

    After tons of brown Kalido's, they are focusing more on cooler tones.
  7. Just came from my local Nordie's today and the resident beauty stylist told me they(Nordstrom) is pulling out LMdB incl the one where I was at. They didn't know why. Now that's sad! :sad:
  8. apparently it's not true, spoke to one of the MUA...
  9. I was at Neiman's in Beverly Hills earlier and got my face done by Ivan and they have falsies available for those getting makeups (not yet available though). I'm not a big falsies kind of person but I want this pair 10 of them please. They're gorgeous and very comfortable.

  10. Oh wow, I've never even thought about getting falsies, but these are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I wonder if they will ever make them available, and teach how to put them on? Really beautifully done and worn auntie Em :smile:
  11. My little piece of summer treasure finally arrived! Can't wait to play with it! xx
  12. Is this Dustin's? Sooo gorgeous. Still waiting for mine.
  13. Yes it is!!! :smile:. Sooooo stoked that I was able to buy one before it sold out! xx
  14. There's a new lip/nail polish duo that came out recently. Should be available in Saks, Neimans & Nordstroms.
    Coral Confection Lip Gloss
    Red Hot Tango Nail Polish