Le Metier de Beaute lovers thread!

  1. I noticed there wasn't a thread devoted solely to LMdB yet so I'm starting one :smile: I can't wait for the new Kaleidoscope, Penelope, to come out. Should be soon! Also a picture of the lovely gwp i got with my last purchse, paradis petite poudrier
  2. Good thread!!! I didn't know there wasn't one. I have yet to get any LMdB but I hope to in the future and have heard nothing but good things about the line.
  3. I love the tinted moisturizer.. it makes my skin looks flawless. It is so sheer like I am not wearing makeup. Not sure if the collagen is doing anything, but i love it anyway. I am going to add the powder on top for better oil control in Summer.

    I got my first bottle at a H meet in March and I promised the girls I will let them know if it is good or not. I hope they read this thread.
  4. good review especially of the tinted moisturizer.. always looking for a new one..
  5. I really really wish we had this brand here. I hear so many good things of their eyeshadows!
  6. I'm dying to try their eyeliner and the Marchesa highlighter. I wanted to buy Keren Craig's palette but it sold out before I had the chance.:sad:
  7. So nice to see a Le Metier de Beaute thread! I love so many of their products, but especially the eye shadows and Lip Cremes. I recently bought Peau Vierge in Light (after using Light to Medium), and it's a much better match for me (NW20). And best of all, it has way less shimmer than the Light to Medium. Now if they'd just make a lighter Peau Vierge concealer!
  8. I tried Peau Vierge but after two months of on-and-off use, I didn't like it.

    I do like the two e/s kaleidoscopes I have and the lip creme. I would love to try the liquid eyeliner and lipsticks!
  9. thanks for the heads up...I have been really curious about the Peau Vierge, I heard so many good reviews but I was still skeptical. What did you not like about it??
  10. Well, at first it did provide good coverage and I did like the finish. But after the initial period, the finish didn't last the whole day. It would start to 'melt' before 5p! I have similar experiences with the Armani Luminous Silk but the Armani manages to last most days, so I'm keeping this one.
    I didn't notice any improvement in my complexion either. This wasn't a long-term product for me.

    I read somewhere that some use this under a foundation, as a treatment. I've never tried that, but it seems excessive.
  11. wow, for that much I would expect it to last longer! definitely pass!

    I read that as well...that seems like too much work for me and you would run out quickly.
  12. It's not the quantity that I'm referring to but the quality. The quality didn't last long and I didn't get very much satisfaction out of it. So, for me, it's not a product I would keep around.
  13. yes, that is what I meant as well - not lasting long on your face. :smile:
  14. I got it not too long ago from the Fashion valley Neiman Marcus in san diego. I would call them, I'm pretty sure they still have that palette