Layering with diamond tennis bracelets

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  1. I love how they look together - the tennis is sparkly and delicate and contrasts nicely with the Love which looks solid and sturdy. I don't think it's too much for every day at all but it depends on your environment.

    I'd say you're ok to wear them if you won't be doing too much with your hands. Be sure to get your prongs checked regularly. If they roll over each other too much it might not be a good idea to pair them but if they stay put and you're comfortable, I say go for it.
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  2. Don't think they go together, but each on their own is beautiful. I would not wear them together on same wrist, move one to the other hand.
  3. Not too much. I agree with Thingofbeauty that they go nicely together and are good for everyday wear (but not to gym)
    I would be tempted to take the risk of stacking them together myself. The lengths of both bracelets are such that they do not likely sit on top of one another (so top-bottom contact). The clasp that sticks out a bit (assume existing, although hidden) will keep some distance between the two bracelets for a good section. The small section (away from the clasp) where the two bracelets have a chance to rub against each other will have occasional contact sideways only. Furthermore, the contact is metal to metal, and not likely metal to Diamond due to the difference in bracket heights with the diamonds sitting a good deal higher.
    I imagine the situation is like stacking a diamond engagement ring with a metal band, but with more banging from wrist movement. I would limit the movement by wearing the stack on my left wrist (being right -handed).
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1453742958.521044.jpg trying this out today after having it shortened
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  5. Does it go over your bangle?
  6. Love the tennis bracelets with the Love!
  7. IMG_9560.jpg

    My new bracelet
    Emeralds and 15 pointer pear diamonds
    I’ve stacked it with my 10 pointer diamond tennis bracelet
    In love
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  8. Your emerald bracelet is so beautiful!
  9. Your emerald bracelet is gorgeous ! Do you mind sharing where it is from?
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  10. Your emerald bracelet is wonderful ! )
  11. I love to layer tennis bracelets. These bracelets are belt designer Ricardo Basta. He designs one of a kind pieces and they are exquisite

    IMG_5803.jpg IMG_5830.jpg IMG_5903.jpg 20180611_184043.jpg
  12. I’m from India
    And be got it custom made from here for myself..
  13. [​IMG]
    Kwiat 3 carats
  14. Hi ladies
    Just got a new tennis bracelet and wonder if it’s better on its own or it’s ok to layer with my existing one. Too much?

  15. Looks great layered and solo
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