Layering with diamond tennis bracelets

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  1. Off topic sorry but I love the third bracelet from the left! Is that a VCA perlee? Do you like to wear it alone if so? I like the look of them but wonder if it would need to be part of a stack to make an impact?
  2. yes it is vca perlee and I only wear it stacked
  3. Tennis Bracelets....
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  4. Love vibrant :heart:
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  5. :smile::heart:
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  6. 7B30178E-BBCF-492B-90B1-D664F541F2CF.jpeg B2ABD5D6-DF64-4075-8EE1-C40E07195CAD.jpeg 9C68CCE8-07EA-4104-93D7-E1DCCF8C3C27.jpeg I stack my Love next to my tennis bracelet and also my clic clac . I don’t do all three at once though as I feel it’s a little much.
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  7. Hi it’s 29 .75 ct rounds G color Vs1 . Total ct weight is 21.75 cts :smile:
  8. Wowza!! Even bigger than I thought. It is amazing :drool::drool:

  9. Thank you ! They didn’t have one this size in stock in Houston so they flew it in from New York for me .
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  11. Beautiful ladies!

    These are the two diamond bracelets I wear together, ignore the red mark on my wrist from my Fitbit.

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    Happen came across your post , nevertheless just want to share what mine look like stack together
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  13. I wear one of my smaller diamond bracelet with my omega .... n saw many scratches on the watch ... so no

    I will wear it alone.
  14. You are so very welcome. Yes, the center bracelet was beautiful!!!
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