Layering with diamond tennis bracelets

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  1. This is very pretty and unusual! Now I'm thinking of checking out one myself! :happydance:
  2. Thank you lovely :smile:
    I took a pic to show the design of the choco one. Its flexible but yet a little tight on me now thus I wouldnt recommend this design. I had my eyes on a classic design tennis bracelet with choco diamonds but i missed on it by the time i made my mind to get it. So this was next best choice :smile: love the rose gold with choco diamonds (my next favorite stone after diamonds!) ;)
  3. Love all your bracelets. Do you mind sharing where you purchased the gold bead bracelet with diamonds?

  4. Great style vanilla_addict. Would never have thought of mixing like this
  5. Thank you so much sweetie :*
    Sure dear :smile:
    I purchased both from Bahrain from a botique called Bahrain Jewellery Centre. They carry some Italian Jewelries which I adore.
    Both are from the brand "Broggian". They had the semi cuff design in these combinations as well: diamonds set on white gold, diamonds set on yellow or rose gold (cant recall) or both i believe as i remember they had four :smile: but the stack of those mixed were so beautiful! Yet i couldnt afford getting them all hehehe i had my heart set on the choco ;) the SA was steering me away from the it having less sparkle than classic diamonds but I didnt mind :smile:
    I wish i had taken pics for the other colors for reference :smile:
  6. Thank you dear.. I love layering my tennis bracelet with my charm bracelets as well, but thats out of this thread's scope :smile:
  7. Post pics!

  8. Wow I love this! I was tempted with a chocolate diamond rolling ring.... This is making me want to go back for it!

  9. Love love love!

  10. That sounds exquisite ! Do you have pictures?
  11. My sentiments too!

    I love the look of TB + Watch but I worry about the watch getting scratched up by the bracelet. I wish I wasn't so paranoid as it is a look i just LOVE.

  12. Appreciate your comment- but not to worry about that- I've been wearing the two together for 10-15 years- the diamond bracelet is lighter and thinner so no damage to watch when they touch. The only thing that hurts the watch is something I've done twice, and that is is knock the watch's crystal on a desk or table and it became chipped--but the two metals touching each other don't seem to damage one another-they peacefully co-exist!
  13. Thanks!
  14. Beautiful!
  15. Trying out this look with my Love bracelet. Not sure it if it too much for an everyday look or if they will rub together too much and be irritating on a daily basis. What do you guys think?

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