Layering and Stacking Thread!

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  1. Suzy Levian Diamonds by the yard and Cartier Love cuff.
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  2. Sonya Ltd. St. Croix Hook and Caribbijou West Indian bangles and rings.

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  3. IMG_0942.JPG

    Baby stack
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  4. awesome.
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  5. 83362D59-1245-40F1-B82D-1CC4839D51AE.jpeg Does this count as stacking?
  6. image.jpg F4D4EDDB-1BA5-4716-B4A7-CF0DE8261B4C.jpeg Most recent purchase of Bvlgari rings :heart: The first 1was a Anniversary gift from DH and second one is from myself as a birthday present. Thanks for letting me share :blush:
  7. I stacked my two favorite bracelets today. My Cartier love cuff and paper bead bracelet purchased in Kenya.
  8. This is stunning :nuts::nuts::heart:
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  9. Love it... so exotic, hypnotic and a grand gesture... two continents together on one beautiful wrist... I believe that you can individually achieve world peace with you modeling jewelry alone ! You have my vote Mrs. MahoganyQT for President of the United States of America... I am "J!m" and I approve this message.
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  10. Love the matching nails with your jewelry on your post... splendidly done.
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  11. I must add the staging of the scarf... nice touch.
  12. Thanks! It’s actually my dress, it has a boho look to it. I love reading your responses! You are sooo funny!
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  13. Thank you!
  14. #4650 May 18, 2019
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    That was your dress ? Oh my heavenly stars... AND a fashion model... Purseforum has hit the lottery in having you make guest appearances on posts from you... clearly, you are a secretly famous celebrity/social media influencer and is receiving a million dollars per post endorsement deal... if not, you should be. I am sure the Boho look and any other looks look great on you. I am glad you like reading my responses and hope it adds a smile to your face and brightens your day... because I like writing them to and for and about you.
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