Laser hair removal......let's discuss!

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  1. I have been getting laser hair removal (Brazilian area) every 6 weeks since April of 2016. Great results up top. Literally nothing there and nothing growing in. Other areas I think will take more sessions as the hair is more coarse. I have to say I bought Groupons for 2 separate spas to get this done (both recommended by friends) so I did not pay full price for any session - that being said, I think it was worth it.
  2. You've gotten that many treatments in one area? Have you confirmed that it's safe?

    I got 4 treatments (brazilian and underarm) 5 or 6 years ago. Usually 6 is recommended but I had nothing after 4, got lazy, and stopped.

    Only now am I getting a bit more growth in my underarms and thinking of going back to get them redone. The fact you've needed this many makes me wonder how legit the groupon places were?
  3. From what I understand, depending on the individual’s hair, it can take around 8 treatments to [almost] be fully gone. At that point, the hair was still coming in slightly so they recommended 6 more sessions. I have 1 left and actually think I’d need a few more to be fully hair less in the coarser areas.
  4. Hi All,

    I just did my 3rd Laser Hair Removal session with IPL in a beauty clinic by a beautician. The 1st session, I could feel the heat and punctured like sensation by small needles. The result after the 1st one also looked promising with hair getting thinner and more sparse.
    The 2nd one, i did it with a different therapist (i like to have treatments done by the same therapist to build better understanding and communication but my previous therapist resigned). The way she applied the tip of the tool is different with the 1st therapist. The 1st therapist lift the head everytime she moved the tip. This 2nd therapist, just glide the tip all over. Most importantly I don't feel any sensation whatsoever. No heat or punctured like needles as the 1st one. The therapist told me it's normal. Yet, the result was quite disappointing. The hair comes back , the same length and density with the original, only thickness decrease a bit.

    The 3rd session , I also did not feel anything during the laser. and afterwards as normal there should be hair growing out before they would all fall by themselves within the first 2 weeks after laser. This time since I'd like to test if the 3rd sessions is in effect or not, I try to pluck the hair with finger and the hair should just come out easily since the root is burnt but I could not pluck it out. The root seems strong and I have concern it might be getting stronger as I read in some people's cases. I'd see within these 2 weeks whether those hair would fall off by themselves like after the previous treatments or not.

    Anyone ever had laser hair removal especially by IPL previously? How does the procedure in your cases? Do you experience fluctuating results being the 1st session is most succesfull then the afterward sessions? The therapist told me that the first session always look and feel promising but I also want to hear a different opinion from others who have undergo the treatment as well. If you guys don't have the same experience with mine, do you think it's better for me to stop the treatment and look for another clinic or doctor?

    I used to think laser hair removal is easy looking at those celebrities that lasered off their undesired hair to none with few touchups every year and so but experiencing it myself, it ain't easy at all. i've also read many burnt cases of too strong laser or scars left from the not properly trimmed hair during the laser.
  5. You have to do a couple sessions before really seeing a result. I've had like 6 or 7 sessions and the hair still comes back but a looot less and it takes forever to grow.
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  6. Most places will recommend at least 8 sessions for best results. You may still need to maintain at least once a year after that depending on your hair growth and thickness. You should be at least feeling a bit of pressure each session. Setting may be too low if it doesn’t feel like anything. But also beware of too heavy of a setting since it could burn your skin.
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  7. Thanks for the info. Really appreciate it. I'm aware of the multiple sessions but feel concern with feeling nothing during the treatments , not even slightest heat. As this is done by an aesthetician and not doctor, they only have 1 setting for each area according to what the therapist said but I'm not too sure about that as I think she should have more options to adjust the energy.

    How was your shedding period? On my first 2 sessions, within 2 weeks after IPL, what's left underneath the treated skin would come to the surface with the root and I could even easily pluck it out by hands. Not after the 3rd time though which makes me think whether the laser type is suitable for me or I'd need to change the laser type or the therapist.

    Yes, i also prefer it to be in the lower level energy rather than higher level if there's any operator or machine error. It's terrifying result of those gets burnt by laser
  8. It's strange that they claim to only have one setting per area as every time I've ever had laser hair removal they usually would ask me if I wanted to turn it down in case I was feeling pain.
  9. Yes , i also think it's strange. As simple as the machine is, there should be more level settings. I think I'd verify that with the clinic. How is your laser hair removal experience? Is it an IPL too?
  10. just want to update: i've checked with the other branch and they do have multiple settings and NOT based on each area as previous therapist told me. so it's the discretion of the therapist mostly based on the skin tone with darker tone would have a higher settings. I'd try the other branch first before deciding whether i should do laser with doctor.
  11. update: i've tried the other branch with different therapists and apparently it feels the same. no heat, no redness, nothing. when i asked the power level, apparently they only have up to 7 and 5 is the maximum power allowed for fair skinned. so far after the 3rd, i do still feel improvement in terms of longer period and thinner hair growth. so i'll give it a chance up to 6 treatments as that's what the therapist said. i'm a bit wary with stronger laser as i have sensitive skin.
    Anyone ever experienced (especially stronger) laser hair removal, please do share. at first i thought it's pretty straightforward but apparently it's quite a fickle as it involves our hormones too.
  12. I did it on my forehead to extend it 3 times. It is little unnatural as all my little hair is gone... wish it comes back.
  13. I did bikini 3 weeks ago and I'm sold!! I have sensitive skin and had zero pain or side effects.
    I didn't start "shedding" until about 10 days later and I shaved in the meantime. I'll go back in 3 weeks for the next growth cycle and missed spots. First time around it's probably 85% gone.
    Happy, lol!
  14. @Swanky
    May I know the type of laser you have? is it with a doc or a tech?
  15. A tech, I go to a Medspa kind of place. This is from their site:
    What lasers do you use?
    For Laser Hair Removal services we use Candela lasers that allow us to use either Alex or Yag settings.