Laser hair removal......let's discuss!

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  1. Most areas of the face and body can be lasered including the nether regions

    I've had mine done years ago, needed about 4-5 sessions (6 weeks between each) and just another 2 more at 6 months interval for maintenance. I haven't returned to the clinic for nearly 18 months and haven't needed to shave at all.
  2. I want to do it too!
  3. Hi ladies - I had a couple questions...I have a Tria for home use, I got it after I did IPL at a salon, but it was very pricey, so I did about 3 sessions and now I'm doing it on my own.
    I was told you could shave before sessions, but so far I'm not sure about the results. It's weird having to shave, hair comes back not thicker but a little stronger...

    Anyone here doing at home Tria for upper lip and noticed a big difference? How long did it take?

  4. I got my underarm and philtrum, just because I don't want any peach fuzz, so far, it's very convenient! I don't have to shave everyday, I still get the laser treatment once in every month! I would totally recommend them!
  5. I did on my arms, legs and on armpits a couple of times. Pain was not bad for arms and legs, but for armpits it hurts A LOT! After getting laser hair removal, hair grows thin but it still grows.
  6. I'm having a consultation today to do my upper lip... I'm so excited. Happy to leave behind the days of having to wax every month and worrying if people can see my "mustache" :lol: Does anyone have any tips or experience to share? I'm mainly worried about it'll be like until it's totally hairless. I read you can't wax between treatments?? Gah!
  7. I had my lower legs done because with age the hair was growing faster and thicker and would itch a lot when it came in (which was within 24 hours). I paid for 6 sessions but had 4. Hair was almost totally eliminated. I am very pale with dark hair so the best candidate for laser so bear that in mind...but I had excellent results with no scarring or anything. I will say it hurts and I have a high pain threshold. But each session was pretty fast. I was done within 15 min for both legs. I had in done at a laser spa place that had really good reviews on Yelp. I had a Groupon actually. So why didn't I finish my sessions? Well, summer was coming and if you want to get a tan you absolutely cannot do laser. So summer came and I kind of forgot about it - plus my hair was gone! Like, totally which was wonderful. But here's the years's coming back! Yep! So I dunno if that's a good or bad thing - I guess good in that it wasn't totally permanent and didn't damage the follicles or anything...but, now I have to shave again. But it's not nearly as thick as before... So anyway, that's my experience. Hope this helps! :smile: Oh! And I didn't take Tylenol or use any numbing cream before my sessions or anything like that - I personally, didn't need it. Right afterwards my legs would look really red and bumpy - that would last for about an hour but it went down quick. Legs would feel a bit sensitive for 24 hours afterwards so I just left them alone - but I was totally fine by 24 hours and really they *looked* fine about 1 hour afterwards.
  8. Also I wanted to edit on the pain part - so like on a scale of 1-10 I'd give it like a not bad...but it did hurt...and you know, like before your period or whatever you might feel more pain so for scheduling and stuff keep that in mind. It feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. Nothing to worry about. Seriously the less stressed you are I think the less pain you feel - and you can always tell them to stop or turn it down a level or whatever. :smile:
  9. It's painful but only for that second. Imagine getting flicked my rubber bands... except those rubber bands are on fire.
  10. I initially visited beauty salons for IPL treatment... but found it quite costly after many visits. And what annoyed me more was that it was often a different beautician per appointment so I'd have inconsistent treatments. One beautician would treat areas very thoroughly, and others would not?

    The first few treatments were definitely more painful which lasts less than a second. It's bearable, though. It honestly just feels like flicking an elastic band onto your skin. At first it'll hurt more because you have more hair follicles.. After a few months of treatment. It should become more and more bearable :amuse:

    Results are great. Hair can still grow back, but usually a lot less hair and can grow back thinner.

    Just remember everyone's skin tone and pigments are different. So you might have a different experience.

    I actually purchased my own machine!

    I purchased an i-Light PRO by Remington. It's great! It's convenient, and you can do it in your own time, and not have to feel shy about sensitive areas of your body- because you're in control! I'm not sure how effective the i-Light PRO is in comparison to other DIY IPL machines. I purchased it while it was 50% off and it works well for me :smile:
  11. Well, I just got back from my first treatment!! In case you didn’t see my original comment, I’m removing the hair from my upper lip/mustache area :smile:

    I had consults at several clinics all over town. All were free of charge. I wanted to really weigh my options and see the price points. Also wanted to hear what they all had to say and see whom I felt most comfortable with. Unintentionally, I ended up going with the most expensive place—$540 for six sessions, plus $110 for a 23% lidocaine numbing cream. The technician was so so nice and personable!! She was easy to talk to, made me feel comfortable immediately, and just felt super relatable—probably because she is on the younger side (26 I believe she said) :smile:

    So I went in for my appointment this morning. The techs greeted me, took me into one of the rooms (so clean and modern), and offered me water or coffee before I got started. I filled out some more paperwork and they asked me if I had any last minute questions. Then they put on the numbing cream to let it start working. After about 15 minutes, my technician came in (the one I had the consult with and the one that'll be doing all my treatments) and she checked over all the paperwork. She setup the machine for the laser and all its settings, then asked if I was ready to go! She removed the leftover cream, gave me special glasses, and explained the procedure again: the laser would have a little air thing attached to it to blow air on my lip (to cool it down) and she’d count to 3, I’d hold my breath, and then she’d stop for me to breathe again. This would ensure the treatment was done it short bursts so I’d have a break from the uncomfortableness. I really appreciated her walking me through it!! :biggrin: After the first burst, she asked me how it felt and asked if I was okay. The rest of the area only took around 5 minutes :P

    The laser kind of felt like a needle poking you. It was uncomfortable, though nothing unbearable—and that’s saying something because I’m such a baby with pain! Her doing it in short bursts helped, as did the numbing cream!! I can’t imagine how much it would’ve hurt without the cream :doh:

    After all that, she offered to do dermaplaning on me. I didn’t know what it was, but she explained that it was an exfoliator for dead skin cells, and would also get rid of my leftover hair and peach fuzz from the treated area. She said it’d leave me smooth for a month until the next treatment, so I liked that! It just involved her taking a super thin blade and basically shaving at my skin. It didn’t hurt at all. I was nervous it’d leave me prickly, but she stressed that it wouldn’t since the hairs are there so fine. I allowed her to do it—free of charge of course—and I like how soft it feels. I’m not sure I’ll do it again for the next bunch of treatments since I want to see where the hair is growing back. Just a personal preference though!

    I'm very happy with my choice of clinic and I'm extremely excited to continue this process! The days of a hair-free lip are almost here!! Only 5 more months to go :cool:
  12. ^Good luck! The upper lip area is one of the most painful honestly.

    I've done 6 sessions of full body with the Alexandrite laser. I just started with the MedioStar laser and it didn't hurt at all. I know my pain tolerance is higher but it was a super easy session and practically no pain in comparison to the Alexandrite. Anyone used either of these machines and can give their input on their results?! I got pretty good results with the Alexandrite but I thought I'd try something new.
  13. I currently get my under arms, lower legs, upper lip, and "sideburn"/face done! It definitely hurts but is tolerable. I was surprised that (for me) the legs hurt waaaay more than the face! Laser hair removal is one of the best things I've spent my money on. It is amazing not having to shave so much!! I plan on getting the tops of my legs done as well.
  14. I did this when I first got married. (Long time ago now). Did full Brazilian and underarm. Still getting benefits to this day as the hair growth eventually really, really cuts back. Like bum fluff.
    I do maintain an ongoing appt with my waxer but tbh that is really about tidying up the strays. I was a dedicated waxer and found it gross to only shave in between appts with the laser. (The first round of shaven hairs fall out, short, all disrupted by the laser as you go to the appt shaven. )
    Eventually I ignored the laser rep's advice not to wax and just waxed if necessary in between appts? Then shaved the nIght before the appt. Could have been coincidence but I found the hair growth really cut back when I did that.
    However that was well into the laser journey when I couldn't take it any more and went back to waxing, and the reality is that it can take a little time for the hair follicles to finally 'get the picture' and stop reforming the hair. So who knows perhaps it is best to simply shave rather than wax in between appts. :smile:
  15. Thank girls! Very useful information!