Laser hair removal......let's discuss!

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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently getting laser hair removal on my legs and underarm and I am thinking about getting my bikini done. The pain is bearable for the legs and underarm but I heard the bikini area is much worse! My question for you ladies who have gotten your bikini done is do you use numbing cream? What is it called and how much does it cost? Does it really work??

    Thanks!! :smile:
  2. I've gotten my legs, underarm and bikini done, and used Topicaine to numb those areas. For the bikini I put Topicaine AND took Ibuprofen! I am a chicken when it comes to pain. You need to put it on 1/2 hour to 45 minutes before you get lasered. I originally bought mine from my derm's office (where I get the laser) but you can get it here too:
  3. i'm getting under my chin done (embarassing, i know) but the place i'm going to uses what's called an Asthera laser, so it's supposed to be virtually pain-free compared to the old ones! my first appointment is in about two weeks (this place is supposed to be the best in Atlanta, it takes ages to get in, i went for my consult like two weeks ago!), but i'll let you ladies know how it goes. if that goes well, i definately want legs, underarms, and bikini done in the future.
  4. is lasering permanent?
  5. it's reasonably permanent, you may need a touch up in particularly tough spots after 5-10 years.
  6. wow...definitely something to consider..
  7. Wow.. I should consider it too.
    How much does it cost and where do they do it at?
  8. I am getting mine done at the Advanced Laser Clinics. They have a website: (I think that's correct)

    It cost me $1500 for lower legs and underarm and it will be around $1000-$1100 for the extended bikini which is the same as a brazilian
    A regular bikini is around $800, I believe.

    I always wait for special promotions before I decide to get it done. The prices above are with the special promotions, otherwise it is much pricier!
  9. I've had it done on my arms. Let me find the thread on it... I have not had bikini but my experience is that the more course the hair, the better the result.
  10. Bumping this up. I'm thinking of getting this done. Anyone heard of any adverse health issues? Or potential spots/scars resulting. I'm a little paranoid.

    Also, is it more expensive in a doctor's office - I think I'd be more comfortable than with a tech.
  11. Some states require you to be a doctor to perform laser hair removal (such as NJ), but NYC does not. A tech can do it. Check with your state.
  12. I would LOVE to get laser hair removal but i have olive toned skin and dark hair and the lasers don't work well on darker skin. I've heard there are different kinds of lasers now that are safe and effective if you have olive toned skin - has anyone had any experience with laser hair removal on darker skin?
  13. the place i'm going to has two different lasers - one only works on light skin and medium to dark hair, and one works on almost all skin colors. someplace experienced and reputable will most likely have a laser that will work on darker skin.
  14. I've heard you have to go 4-5 times within a year before all the hair is that true?