large veneta questions

  1. I'm in need of some assistance... as usually happens, I've bought one BV and now I'm quickly planning the next purchase :shame:

    Do you guys have pictures of a large veneta worn on the body? I looked through the action shots thread and only found medium ones.

    Also, how would you compare the size of a large veneta to a sloane? Is it bigger than a sloane?

    And lastly, if I wanted a large veneta in limo, is this something I'd have to special order or is it around?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I was about to post pics of my new ferro sloane anyways - I'll be sure to post both that and my bianco large veneta so you can see!
  3. mundo! I remember chatting with you about paddies on tFS! Glad you've come to the evil-but-lovely BV side :graucho:

    Here's a pic of member bella1 with her large ebano veneta which is what convinced me to get my first BV:

    Large veneta vs sloane - IMO the veneta looks larger worn on the body but the sloane seems to have more carry capacity. I have a pic of both sitting together here: (I might have more pics at home)

    I think the limo veneta was not continued into fall. You might be able to find it in a few stores still. Online NAP put theirs on sale in June for $1175-ish... what a great deal!

    Let us know how your search pans out! I'm sure the ladies here will have plenty of leads on what you want!
  4. that would help a ton, I have the ferro sloane too so it would be a great comparison.
  5. This is a large? I'm a little worried that it won't be large enough for me, I like BIG bags. That's my only problem with my sloane, sometimes I think it's too small.

    Perhaps what I need is a 2nd sloane...:sweatdrop:

    I guess this ain't gonna be easy then, thanks for the info!
  6. I love big bags too! and i think the large veneta is a great size :tup: I usually filled it up and I like how it slouches on your shoulder. It's great!
  7. is it big enough to fit a regular 8.5 x 11 sized notebook? Not that I think something that structured would look good sitting in the slouchy veneta, but for size references... :smile:
  8. How about the maxi veneta that came out for the fall? They look huge!
  9. I had NO idea there was such a thing... tell me more!! :sweatdrop:
  10. If you look on the BV online site in the catalogue section, they have several embroidered maxi venetas, and one studded maxi veneta. I don't think they have any plain intrecciato maxi venetas, though. May be the right size for you!
  11. mundodabolsa - as promised, I've inserted pics in the "In Action" thread! I love my new sloane!!
    On a technical note, I forgot to not "hold" the strap of my Veneta so you can't really see the full beauty of how the bag drapes. Darnit. The Large Veneta "drapes" much better when I don't hold it like that; sorry I forgot.
  12. All this talk of a large veneta makes me drool for iron! Bunkie, you must let us know if your special order veneta was accepted!! I will be hot on your heels with my special order! I'm considering a roma in iron, but I have discovered I am really a slouchy BV bag girl! Didn't love my slouchy Miu Miu tote, but can't stop petting and hugging my slouchy campana. I wouldn't pass up a roma if it's still around in a few months, but if I can special order a veneta, that would be my first choice.
  13. Hi mundodabolsa, you scored a perfect first BV! The Limo Veneta is still on the European NAP-site, but the price is the regular 1180 Euro (~1600 USD). You might want to take a look though because all the stores may not have these in stock anymore!
  14. A Large Veneta is amazing! Manages to hold all my stuff and still manages to look amazing! :yes:

    A Maxi Veneta has a longer drop, so it's not as hobo-ish as the Large. Almost more casual feeling of sorts... But some of the variations are SOOOO gorgeous! :nuts:
  15. your pictures are super helpful, thanks SO much.

    the thing is though, now I'm 100% sure the large veneta will be too small.

    time to go look at those maxi pictures in the catalog...:p