Keepall bags... is it really practical for travel ? A keepall at the airport screams... attention

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  1. Keepall bags... is it really practical for travel ? A keepall at the airport screams... attention....

    I don't want people to follow me and take my things and steal it.
    Maybe I'm paranoid.... but a monogram LV keepall bag would scream... take my things.
    No ?

    I would LOVEEEE a keepall 45 bag... but for practical reasons, I would not want to bring this to the airport.
    It would only be used for overnight travels via car. Lol.

    I don't have a bodyguard so I don't know if a keepall would be practical... even I REALLY REALLY WANT ONE.

    What do you think ?
  2. My husband has had the same concern about me using LV keepall when we fly abroad. He feels it is calling unneeded attention to the criminal element. For that reason we stick with out basic black luggage and carry on. When I travel with in the US I use my Speedy 40 or keepall as a carryon on flights as well as car trips. We prefer to travel under the radar.
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  3. If you want one, buy one! People don’t purchase LV products for practicality reasons, more about an emotional connection.
    Leave the practical pieces to Samsonite and Tumi.
  4. How do you like your speedy 40 vs the 45 ... in the size ?
    I'm thinking the speedy 40 is small enough to be undercover... since it can be like a purse.
    Is the speedy 40 large enough for overnight bag ?
  5. Hi Platinum Serenity
    I love my Speedy 40 for overnight trips or used it as my purse on the plane. It holds a lot without feeling heavy plus it fits nicely under the seat or on top of my rolling luggage while walking through the airport. The keepall 45 is another great bag for air travel and weekend trips. Holds a lot and fits nicely in the overhead bins. Regardless of the bag I usually fit a change of clothing, 1 pr of heels, make up and lots of snacks. Hope I’ve been able to help you. Keep us posted.
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    I think it depends on where you’re going and your personal travel style. Where are you planning to travel? Will you be in places where looking wealthy might be a disadvantage? How comfortable are you getting around the places you’ll travel? How much help do you need with your luggage? Will you need to be separated from your bag (such as checking on small planes)? Will it be spending time unattended on transport vans or buses or would you primarily keep it on your person? How upset would you be if your bag and contents were lost? How concerned are you about drawing attention to yourself? Just a few things to consider. :smile: You might find that it is practical and appropriate for some of your travels but not for others.
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  7. I think a Keepall like Damier Graphite is best if you feel this way. It’s more understated and not as apparent to people around you like the monogram canvas is in my opinion. I’ve have a keepall 45 in Damier Graphite and felt safer carrying it than my Monogram one which I ended up selling for this reason.
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  8. It’s not that special. I see them all the time at airports and nobody looks twice at them.
  9. Personally you will be fine at the airport with the Keepall. It the destination where your going is the main concern of your safety.
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  10. This would never occur to me and I live in an odd end of the world. If you want a bag, get it and use it. If you go to an especially dangerous place, then use an alternative bag.
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  11. I have Keepall 45 Bandouliere in monogram, never had any problems at airports, left it in 4-5* hotels across Europe (including Eastern Europe where I come from and where LV is still considered luxurious on the Chanel level) not locked and still fine. But I get you point - when i wanted to buy a monogram backpack, my hubs advised not to as he didn't want to be under radar eg. in London
  12. Ridiculous. You’ll see dozens and dozens of Keepalls and other Louis Vuitton bags and luggage at any international airport. Nothing extraordinary about carrying a Keepall. Also, how would carrying a Keepall in an airport different from carrying your LV handbag on the street? :no::rolleyes:
  13. Couldn’t agree more, well said! Please keep in mind pick pockets look for opportunity, unsecure bags, ability to distract you so they can grab something, open bags etc etc they don’t care what bag it is. You could technically wear a 45 crossbody if you were really worried additionally let’s say it did get stolen that’s what travel insurance is for. I am biased though as my sales assistant has just text me to say my Keepall 45 in the the eclipse has arrived. Good luck with the decision
  14. LOL I understand that you might feel like $2000 travel bag is a lot of money and it is but it's not that out of ordinary. No one really looks twice. Like fab said, it's no different than carrying a Vuitton bag on the streets. Lots of people travel with Vuitton luggage and Keepall is more entry level if I'm being completely honest so there are hundreds/or even thousands of Keepalls traveling through airports every day. It's really not that big of a deal.
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  15. I always use a keepall as my carry-on whenever I fly, and I’ve never once had a problem with safety. I’ve never even had anyone say anything to me or look at me funny. You see tons of keepalls, speedies, and neverfulls at most airports. If you really want the bag, get it! It’s an awesome travel bag. My oldest one is 14 years old that I bought brand new. It’s been all over the world, jammed into overhead bins, stuffed in trunks of taxis, caught in rainstorms, and thrown around by airport luggage handlers (when it had to be checked at the gate), and there isn’t a single stitch loose. A keepall is my go-to travel partner!