Kate spade... what do you think of the brand as a whole?

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  1. Kate spade... what do you think of the brand as a whole?

    teeny bopper, simple/ classic,

    chic, on it's way out, ... trendy, etc.
  2. I think it's simple with a hint of class; I have the messenger bag that I've been carrying on and off to work, esp on rainy days. Tried and True.
  3. I used to think it was all that when younger but personally don't care much for it anymore. It does have simple, clean line designs and it's pretty but somehow it doesn't suit my tastes nowadays.
  4. Not for me at all!
  5. I can usually find a likeable bag from any designer...I have two Kate Spade bags and I love them both! The ones that I own are classic and well made but as with any other designer, some of her bags do absolutely nothing for me.
  6. I really like some kate spade, others I'm not so fond of. I do feel like the prices for ks have gotten really high over the last few years though, and it's getting harder for me to find a good sale. But I still really like some of her more classic leather designs.
  7. Kind of off-topic... but I went to high school with Kate Spade...of course that wasn't her name back then:smile:
  8. I like Kate Spade a lot and feel her bags are classic and well made. I really like her cute wicker basket bags for summer.
  9. That's interesting, was she a creative type?

    I have one Kate Spade, a brown canvas hobo, very functional and understated. The nylon Sam was one of the first designer bags that I lusted for :P. Really cute baby bags!
  10. I love Kate Spade!

    I have many of her bags, and even our wedding china and glasswear is Kate Spade for Lenox!

  11. 5 or 6 years ago I LOVED Kate Spade. I've since sold all of my bags on ebay. I just didn't feel like they held up all that well, for the price I paid I felt like they fell apart. I think it is not as popular as it used to be

    but, that's just my opinion, everyone should carry what they love.
  12. I like the bags but most are not "me". Seem to be well made though.
  13. I like alot of her styles. I like her summer totes the best.
  14. I love her Cape Cod line for summer with all of the lobsters. But I can't justify over $100 for what I'd basically use for a beach bag, so I guess I'll wait and see if they go on sale.
  15. The bags are OK. I think they are simple and pricey. I wouldn't buy one at full price. They do go on sale, but I haven't been 'thrilled' for anything of the Kate Spade brand in a while.