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  1. HI... Just got my Magenta Box and promised you guys photos as soon as it arrived. This is my first time posting photos so PLEASE bare with me, I hope I am doing them right and SORRY that they are so big, dont know what I am doing ...LOL :smile:
    I got this Magenta Box from a very SWEET PFer and it is NWT MINT and very GORGEOUS but I am not sure this style is for me. I own a Magenta First (which I adore) and a Magenta Shoulder. I find the Box to be bigger than what I expected so I may end up selling her. I really am a first size girl but I know the box is no longer beening made so I am confused on what to do... HELP PLEASE, OPINIONS NEEDED :confused1: Thanks

  2. Ohhh it is beautiful!!! I love the box style myself, but it's your decision.
  3. Oh, wow. That is just such a stunning bag; I'm speechless! :love:

    If I were you, I would hold onto it for a bit. Carry it around the house, take it out a time or two, and see if it grows on you and you get used to it. There is NO sense in keeping a bag you don't use or that isn't right for you - they just cost too much - but this one is such a beauty and in a discontinued style and colour. I'm sure you can find it a new home in an instant if need be, but don't rush into selling it if you might regret it later.

    I hope you learn to love it; that bag deserves it! ;)
  4. Congrat's, this color is 2DF :smile:
  5. OKAY.. I think I got it on the photos. Here are some smaller and more of them including my First and Magenta Box. [​IMG]
  6. Oh, it's gorgeous!! why don't you hold onto it for a few more days and see if you change your mind. Carry it around the house or something. But if in the end, you don't think you will use it or don't like it, sell it and buy something you will truly enjoy!
  7. My Magenta First which I adore.. PLEASE keep the Opinions coming ladies as I depend on you all so much
  8. Its gorgeous! But the girls are right, use it for a while. You'll love it.
  9. Thanks for your opinion and replying to my post ;)
  10. Could you post the First and the Box side by side for size comparo??

  12. I'm in the same boat as you right now. I have a Magenta Pouchette but am thinking about buying a Magenta Box but I'm scared it might be too big (even though it is a smaller bag) in such a bright color. I put my Pouchette on top of one of my Box's to see the size difference and really the Pouchette is the same size (minus the handles) except the Box is a lot deeper. I LOVE the Box style but I think it would be hard to decide between your First and the Box. I hope you end up liking your Box becasue the style is so much roomier than the First.
  13. HI... OH I LOVE MAGENTA SOOOOO MUCH!!! I am keeping my first and shoulder in it but am confused on the box. I am really a first girl by heart and it holds every thing I need and more. I may end up selling the box on ebay but not sure until I hear from more of you...lol I see you own several boxes... Do you enjoying yours? Thanks
  14. I love it, but given that you have two other magenta bags, it might not be the right style for you. Think about it for a few days and decide how much use it would really get.
  15. nuts4purses, I REALLY LOVE the Box style! It's still small like a going out bag but big enough to fit a lot in it. I like small and big bags and right now this is my favorite style. I think if you try it out you will really like it! But I do agree with chuggie that you already have 2 small Magenta bags and maybe you might need a different color unless you REALLY love Magenta.