Just Curious... What Earrings Did You Wear Today?

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  1. My brand new Rachel Jackson hoops

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  2. IMG_1489025161.085845.jpg

    YG Black Onyx studs.
  3. IMG_1489155162.836723.jpg
    John hardy bedeg collection ...a bit heavy
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  4. IMG_1489160422.978154.jpg side view
  5. My charmed canadian diamond stud earrings. I wear it everyday. Its my only diamond earrings. It doesnt sparkle much due to the feather in front but i still love it!
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  6. Gold huggies I've had for 25 years. Easy to wear and forget they're on so light. IMG_1489334018.672401.jpg
  7. Faberge ladybugs
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  8. Diamond studs.
  9. 20170607_143228.jpeg heart hoops cheapies but fun
  10. Thomas Sabo, half price on these they are so tiny, great for 2nd holes.

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  11. Just got these Annette Ferdinandsen large fern earrings in the mail today. They make a slight tinkling noise when they move and they were half off. :heart:

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  12. Very pretty!
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  13. Today long sterling danglers. IMG_20170821_095144_01.jpg
  14. 11mm white SS Pearl drop earrings with diamond studs accents. 20170821_162552.jpg
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