Just Curious... What Earrings Did You Wear Today?

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  1. IMG_1503348086.616614.jpg
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  2. Today Japan Kasumi dangles
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  3. Today soc mabe pearl with blue sapphire
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  4. Gold engraved hoops.
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  5. Today fun earrings. These are gold vermeil over sterling silver. IMG_20170825_095346.jpg
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  7. Thanks dear. Not to tempt you or anything, but there's a similar pair with Ruby and soc pearls and another delish pair of soc studs in the Kojima site now :biggrin:
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  8. Today stick pearl earrings IMG_20170616_094138_01.jpg
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  9. That website is truly dangerous! So many tempting baubles...
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  10. Warned you :graucho::graucho::graucho:
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  11. Today's jewelry stack: love, hapi and hinged bracelet[emoji175] IMG_1503945079.027727.jpg
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  12. Sorry wrong thread! lol.
  13. Today wearing these dangly silver earrings IMG_20170829_105538_01.jpg
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  14. IMG_7812.JPG Diamond inside out hoops and diamond studs
  15. Today black floral enamel on silver earrings. IMG_20170831_135430_01.jpg
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