Just Curious... What Earrings Did You Wear Today?

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  1. I Thought It Would Be Fun To Have A Thread About Earrings, I've Been Unable To Find One.

    Post Pictures & Chat

    Yesturday I Wore My
    Sterling Silver Heart Studs With 1 Diamond In Each.

    Today I Wore My
    Sterling Silver Flat Ball Studs.
  2. My Larimar Drops set in stering silver.

    LOVE Larimar!
  3. Very summery!!!!
  4. Yesterday I wore my Kwiat studs, today nothing. I was in a hurry to leave.
  5. Diamond studs- 70 points total weight.
  6. I wear my 4ctw studs almost every day.

  7. nice!

    I wear 1 ctw Studs in one hole and .66 ctw Studs in the other :smile:
  8. My VCA Alhambra clovers!
  9. These Gurhan hoops

  10. #13 Aug 18, 2010
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2010
    lily25 - im liking the swarovski earrings.

    trustlove - im liking the first hole earrings, very funky.

    Today For My Brothers Surprise 30th Birthday Party, I Wore My Rough Design Sterling Silver Chunky Heart Studs With Gold Mini Balls.

    fellow TPF please (if possible) upload pictures to show your earrings worn. i will try to add pictures everyday, or when im next on TPF.
  11. Love those open heart studs. For the past few months I've been stretching my first lobe piercings and I just put these stainless steel eyelets in last night. There is some really gorgeous jewelry out there, but until I'm at my goal size (2g; I'm at 6g right now) I'm going the budget route. My last few pairs of plugs were simple clear glass. The dangly and the fake pearl stud are from Claire's.

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  12. My 1920s diamond studs
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