Just Curious... What Earrings Did You Wear Today?

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  1. IMG_1906.JPG My simulated sapphire in sterling silver
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  2. diamond studs - today and every day!!
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  3. 1 ctw diamond studs last night. It had been quite some time since the last time I'd worn them. Today, none...so far.
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  4. Plain old pearls
  5. IMG_3887.JPG

    Diamond studs today.
  6. Pandora white crystal pearl + princess cut dia + barbell crystal star

  7. I'm into earrings lately and today I'm wearing this dangly pearl earrings :smile:

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  8. Today I am wearing these earrings. They are hand drawn miniature paintings which is then encased in glass and made to earrings in silver. IMG_20170906_171453_01.jpg
  9. These make me unreasonably happy.
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  10. Today's earrings are sterling silver with vermeil and enamelled peacocks. I am obsessed with peacocks nowadays. Wearing a tahitian bracelet too.

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  11. IMG_4152.JPG
    Wear this pair most offen on causal day.
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  12. small diamond studs in my second holes and T&Co dangly star earrings. I have very few dangly earrings anymore. The older I get, the more I love studs.
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  13. Today I wore these, gold vermeil over sterling with pearls and a small dangling elephant. IMG_20170930_153427_01.jpg
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  14. LOL!
    I need these earrings...meet Pete, my peacock! :heart:
  15. He is gorgeous :heart::heart::heart:
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