Just Curious... What Earrings Did You Wear Today?

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  1. Received my long threader earring so had to try it out with my gorgeous cuff

  2. This thread is great. Just discovered it.
    I'm seeing that pearls are a common trend, and they're all lovely, especially the diamond and Tahitian pearl earrings you have cdtracing!
    I've also never seen trillion cut studs like those - so unique, Bambieee.
    Suchi, those vintage turquoise, sugilite, purple Mojave turquoise and spiny oyster are lovely.
    Those diamond and gold shell earrings are really cute, mrs moulds. Great catch.
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  3. Omg I love this![emoji7] do you mind saying where you got that cuff?
  4. I LoveLoveLove my cuff!!!! I got it from Etsy! It looks way more expensive then it is!! Super delicate!!
    Etsy seller: TribeAndTreasure

    Tell her SophieRose sent you!!!
  5. I wonder if anyone know a good earring backs I can buy so the earring wouldn't slip off. I almost lost an earring today
  6. Tahitian drops.
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  7. IMG_1486364157.115968.jpg . Tiffany Picasso olive leaf blue topaz drops
  8. Ruby and Diamond drops IMG_20170204_101927.jpg
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  10. Thank you so much cdtracing. I love them too.
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  11. Wearing my second cuff

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  12. IMG_1487558626.164985.jpg
    Giant CZ studs for fun.
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  13. Silver rings
  14. IMG_1487814108.087063.jpg
    Diamond stud with sapphire jackets.