Just Curious... What Earrings Did You Wear Today?

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  1. Today ripple pearls in yg from etsy IMG_20170127_121228_01.jpg
  2. Today ripple pearl studs 11-12mm IMG_20170128_123314.jpg
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  3. Haven't decided yet on what to wear out for dinner tonight but I'm leaning toward these....Diamond & Tahitian drops along with my multi colored Tahitian strand.
  4. These cheap gold plated hoops that my daughter purchased for me during my last visit in LA. I've expected them to hurt my ears and turn colors, but they haven't!

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  5. Oh my....your tahitian strand is exquisite.
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  6. TM queen anne's lace in pearls
  7. Just fainted! [emoji43] Simply Stunning!
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  8. Thank you, Ladies. These were gifts from my husband for Christmas about 15 yrs ago. He loves Tahitians. I did wear them last night & got several compliments on them from people in the restaurant. I will give my husband credit....he has good taste when it comes to picking out jewelry.
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  9. My dangles. Used to wear them often, but as you can see that one of them need repair ( wire bent )
  10. IMG_1486063477.249203.jpg
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  11. IMG_1486063654.487861.jpg
    And a single stud in my other ear
  12. Love this! So clean[emoji173]️
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  13. Thank you!!! So sweet! I absolutely adore this cuff! I only got it today
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  14. I love how your ear is pierced! Perfection[emoji106]
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  15. Thank you!!! So kind [emoji847]