Jumbo or M/L classic flap? (pictures inside!)

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  1. #1 Feb 24, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014
    I understand that this is the most commonly asked question but since everyone's body shape and height is different so I thought i'd ask for your opinions with some pictures of me posing with the jumbo classic flap which I already own and a M/L flap at a Chanel Boutique.
    I have always been happy with my choice of purchasing the jumbo but I just can't stop thinking maybe I shouldve gotten the M/L instead. Maybe it's true when they say that a girl needs at least one of each :P
    I was initially contemplating between the M/L lambskin in GHW and Jumbo lambskin in GHW but found that the M/L was so small compared to the Jumbo so I got the jumbo instead. I did not intend to buy this bag as an everyday bag as I am still a student and I am not intending to bring in something so expensive during the first few years of my work in the future. I intended to use this as a weekend bag and the occasional formal events/birthday parties.
    Whenever I try on my jumbo at home, I find that it looks quite boxy (maybe I am still not used to it? this is my first chanel flap btw) and I just keep thinking that I shouldve got the M/L since I won't be using this bag much. So today, I went to a Chanel Boutique and tried on the M/L just to remind myself why I DIDN"T choose the M/L over the jumbo. I tried it on and quite liked it when worn on a single chain and on the elbow. I reckon it's too short when worn on double chain and it looks really awkward when worn cross-shoulder.
    I am 5'7 and a size 4US/6UK (i think the clothes I was wearing made me look larger than that!) and whats your opinion on me wearing the M/L? Just right? too small? too short?

    If you guys think it's nice, I might buy that in a few years time. Otherwise I might buy another jumbo..

    Thanks in advance!

    Me wearing the M/L classic flap

    Jumbo, sorry about the messy background!
  2. Med/Large definitely suits you better!

    I am quite surprised actually as I really thought the size doesnt really matter against a person;s frame. IT is gorgeous in whatever size and color. But you proved me wrong.

    I would go for med/large
  3. In my opinion you can wear both, but if it's more for weekend and special activities then I would say get the m/l. Btw, the m/l you tried on looks stunning on you and I love the color! I am also 5'7 and have numerous jumbos that I love and use for everyday. Good luck!
  4. 1) Keep both
    2) M/L
  5. I think you look great with both size - You're tall and great with jumbo and ML is always great to have as it can be worn as single chain that's so classic and more dressy in my opinion. Good luck with your decision! ;)
  6. Both size fits you, like the red color though
  7. both looks wonderful :smile:
  8. M/l suits you because you are pretty slim; but based on your hight jumbo also suits you but you may need to wear it with winter coat or so then it will be proportionate with your slim figure. Above is my personal opinion :smile: HTH
  9. Both look great on you!
  10. I think you can do both! The m/l is cuter and more elegant looking on you IMO but jumbo may be more practical for daily use. Especially in black you can definitely get away with jumbo-to me doesn't look too big or bulky in the picture. I say keep the black and go for a nice color in m/l like red or one of the bright ones coming for spring summer!
  11. The jumbo looks great on you! the M/L looks too small IMO.
  12. I think you can pull the jumbo off! The m/l will go better with dress but for the outfit you wore to the boutique will go better with jumbo!

    I'd get one each! So buy a m/l!
  13. I think med large size , fits your frame better and more elegant.
  14. Although you look beautiful carrying both, I do prefer the look of the M/L on you. But if you keep both, I think that would be perfect! :smile:
  15. I prefer the m/l on you. It is elegant ;)