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  1. Since our beloved thread is due to close, here's a brand spanking new one to keep the party going!!!

    Back to charms!
  2. It's so weird I couldn't remember yours and katies ids, but as soon as I seen this it all came back lol! How is your talentedP daughter?
  3. Debbie Ann I hope your year has evolved! I remember you had some misfortunes with your appliances!
  4. Thanks!!! Which charms will you acquire next? Next on my list is the pizza, donut, cotton candy, and replacement bow and arrow, I just ordered the frappe! I hope a friends and family comes around in February for my birthday!!

    Q: do you girls think there may be different numbers on each kissing booth ticket?
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    CoachA, thank you so much for the Amusement Park theme! I love it! I need that Gelato Cone!

    watk, so good to see you girl! What a haul you had for Christmas! I'm still collecting but I'm more selective. I miss S&Co and my other habits/addictions have been getting lots of attention. :biggrin:
  6. Cute idea, different Ticket numbers! I think they're doing what's simple though and kicking the same numbers. I could be wrong though. :biggrin:

  7. The numbers must all be the same because the numbers on mine are 91-331, the same as on the charm on the JC site.

    Thanks for the new thread, Liz!
  8. Hi Watk! Welcome back hun! I haven't gotten the box of chocolates yet (I better MOVE it and do so). That one and the frappe are my only must haves at the moment.
  9. Watke, Thanks for asking about my daughter. She's doing great and flying through the air as usual lol. That would be so cool if the tickets had different numbers. I'm so glad you're back.

  10. LOL - minor annoyances that are solved, we hope. Thanks.
  11. @Dolllover - my blog is still there but I took down the link because I haven't been maintaining it. I'm working on a charm wiki now, trying to get all my pics up there.
  12. oh lol, i still visit your blog :smile: and congrats to all who got new charms this week with the 25% off code and tatertot on the blue duck! its one of my HG too.
  13. ive taken a new photo of my juicy jewelry collection im going to update my icon
  14. liz, you have a gorgeous collection :smile: btw what does everyone think of eBay seller : odyss3y?

  15. I like this seller....IMO. He/she has newer charms before they come out in stores, I dont know how....But I have got a charm from him/her that was not new and it was fine:smile:
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