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  1. juicy99 I purchased an older charm from this person several months ago and it was not in the best shape and at the time he or she was selling older charms (many of which were used) and then all of a sudden everything was new before they even hit the major retailers. I've learned to comfort my nuerosis until Nordies, Juicy or some other retailer confirms it's a valid item.
  2. Huckle good luck! I managed to get this one last year and when it arrived I was very surprised at the size and substantial weight of this. It really is a beautiful piece with a crown embellished in the bottom on the inside.

  3. If one checks this seller on toolhaus.org there are several unfavorable feedback comments that allege that this seller sells fake charms, and sends items that are not as described or even different items than shown. IMHO a seller that has charms before everyone else is to be avoided.
  4. lol now I'm really curious to see what it ends up at
  5. such pretty charms Liz!!!
  6. Cute charms and jewelry Liz.
  7. Love your collection Liz!
  8. thanks guys hopefully with my birthday cumming up next month i will be able to add a couple more , i hope the chocolate box will still be available after valentine's day.
  9. I want to see Huckleberrys blog,can someone post the link?i cant seem to find it :smile:
  10. its juicycharmfan.wordpress.com :smile: oh it seems like odyss3y gets mixed reviews. was thinking of getting the skates cause i used to be a figure skater
  11. ah.. so this is where everyone is... I couldnt help myself, I bought the pizza, frappe, donut, sewing machine, planet, greyhound....now just waiting in anticipation to receive them all!

    re: eBay seller odyssey - I emailed them askin about the newer charms and their response was they get them at a presale event... I also emailed them askin about the ice skate and they said that came in from an estate sale... I looked at their feedback and it all seems fairly positive but I am no ebay guru..

    hope my two cents are useful
  12. thanks for all the feedback :smile: i might get it if it doesnt end up at a ridiculous price IMO thank youuu
  13. GLL- thanks Hun, they are lovely, I do remember your pics of yours
    Will take a pic for you when I get home from work

    Watk6022-Nice to see you back, congrats on your Christmas loot

    Sammie225- Congrats on getting your charm and bracelet, glad I could help

    wow this thread has got busy like the old days, great to hear about everyone making the most of the JC discount, wish they shipped to me, but glad you all get the benefit :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
Thread Status:
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