Jewelry Lovers chit chat thread

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  1. It's a very cool setting. I'd be curious to know what the stone is if you ever find out.

  2. Don't worry once i find out I'll post on here, hope someone here sees it though, ya know throw an opinion in.
  3. Thought I'd throw a side by side pic up. Lol I googled blue stones that turn red and the Hope Diamond came up!! [emoji47]


  4.'s not a diamond. I'd say it's either a processed topaz or something man made.

  5. Was technology good enough to make man made stones like this? Like it is a family piece? Was always told by my grandmother it was a blue diamond, lol at the moment I think I'm in the fantasy [emoji4]
  6. I got this one at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

  7. Wow this is gorgeous. I love the boutique feel!
  8. Thanks very much!

  9. We didn't even get an inch! I live in snow country. Such a bizarre placement for this storm. I'm hoping for a couple of inches this coming weekend. Slopes have been so icy, nursing a bad patella from the slopes from the previous weekend.

    Glad to hear power was still on!

  10. Let us know what it ends up being!

  11. Yes. Many ladies wore was called paste jewelry made of glass rather than genuine stones.

    Most blue diamonds are not that shade of blue. I doubt that's a diamond, but you'll have to hear from a professional who examines the stone. A blue diamond of that size and hue would have been purchased by someone who was extremely wealthy.
  12. Definitely not a blue diamond. And there are a lot on online resources for hallmarks. Remember also that this may be a replacement stone.
  13. Random question. What department store, in your opinion, gives the best benefits in terms of being able to redeem points towArds jewelry? Or handbags. I saw that someone went to SAKS with their rewards to put towards Cartier so I was curious. I definitely know Bloomingdales is not the answer. I've been shopping at Nordstrom due to the convenience.
  14. I like Saks the best for that type of thing. The Saks at SCP has some one of a kind and estate pieces. I have seen some absolutely gorgeous jewelry there. I imagine that BG has a great selection too. I have known some of the ladies here who have purchased there. Since I am not anywhere close I stick with Saks. Nordstrom is my favorite store for convenience too but they have never had as good a selection of high quality goods.

  15. Thanks, you just recruited a new saks gal!
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