Jewelry Lovers chit chat thread

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  1. Was considering wedding bands. Going towards a more exotic material like iridium. Anyone care to weigh in?
  2. Didn't know where else to post this................
    LE LeVian "Into the Wild Collection" watch. Stingray band/diamond clasp. 15/500.
    6 tcw black/white diamonds, yellow sapphire eyes. Totally gorgeous and unique but BIG!

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  3. That's amazing. Mod shot please!!
  4. Gorgeous but I'm not buying it...even with a 3K discount! LOL!
    Too big for my wrist and not practical for my lifestyle. A shame................

  5. Lol. There are 2 kinds of 'Wish Lists'. The Realistic Wish List and the WISH Wish List. The VCA feerie watch is on the latter for me.

    BTW, how much was the watch?

  6. LOL!
    The Realistic List and the WISH Wish List...just perfect Tink! The watch was 9K but I could have bought it for 6K. I do love a deal.....
    I just treated myself to a nice new car, so I took that into consideration.
    Plus...where the hell would I wear it? [emoji22]

  7. Very cool for the right edgy lady [emoji6]

  8. [emoji8]
    Shocked about Prince...unbelievable talent! [emoji22]

  9. I know...such a waste 🕊[emoji22]
  10. That is very pretty. It took me a minute to realize it was a watch. Very nice piece.

  11. I die over this!!!!!
  12. Hi everyone. I didn't know where else to post this.

    What do you think of Ivanka Trump's fine jewelry line?

  13. I know! [emoji8]
  14. Happy Mother's Day to my jewelry gals...whether human babies or fur-babies have a great day! [emoji173]️

  15. Happy Mother's Day to you! [emoji253][emoji8]
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