Jewelry Lovers chit chat thread

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  1. Hello!

    Swanky said it would be ok for me to start a general chit chat thread.

    I've really enjoyed hanging out in this subforum, and I'd love to have a chat!
  2. I'll start. I am so stressed out at work this week, HUGE project review on Wednesday. But I'm headed on a cruise Friday morning, so I just need to get through it. Wish me luck!
  3. Good luck! Where are you going?
    We go on a cruise end of the month, I'm so excited!
  4. We're going on that new big boat, Oasis of the Seas! We'll stop at St. Thomas, St. Martin, and Bahamas.

    Where are you headed?
  5. oooh i'm jealous!! one of my girlfriends is working on the queen mary 2. she finishes a 9 months world trip in 4 weeks...the places shes been are amazing!!
  6. ^^Lanasyogamama-The cruise sounds wonderful especially after hurdling the week ahead. Enjoy - can't wait to hear what you pick up as your souvenir gift. I'll be going to Las Vegas at the end of the month for the jewelry show - JCK (and a smaller one, CBG). It's very long days but a lot of fun especially since I travel/work with my best friend.
  7. im here...
  8. We'll be on a yacht technically - think it holds about 100{?}
    "Yachts of Seabourn"
    We are going to Mediterranean, we'll fly into Nice and stay in Canned 2 nights during Cannes Film Fest, then out to sea to visit Portofino, Italy | Monte Carlo | Barcelona . . . I forget where else :shame:

    We're not "cruise" fans so we're both a little apprehensive.
  9. Bagaday - tell me more about the jewelry shows! What do you do at them? Is it work or pleasure?

  10. Sounds heavenly, SM3. I think that that if we ever do the "cruise" thing again, it would have to be similar to yours. We just don't like the huge cruise ships anymore. Especially when you have to get back on board by 5-6 pm for dinner.

    One of dh's associates & close friend has a yatch and we were invited to join them on their trip along the west coast but I'm not sure if the kids would like the experience. Well, I think that I'm more concern about kids running amok on it. lol

    Are your children gong as well? How do you manage it?
  11. Swanky, that sure sounds swanky! ;)

    I'm also a little apprehensive, I had a really bad experience on a cruise I went on when I was 13. Our waiter wouldn't leave me alone, and kept cornering me and trying to get me to meet him at night. EWWWW.

    I think it will be a great option for us right now though, since it's me, my Mom, and my 4 yo. I'm leaving DH at home, which will make for much better shopping!
  12. Sounds soooo relaxing!!! The cruising with 3 ladies I mean, not that part about that waiter. Ewwww indeed

    And being with 3 ladies creates ginormous shopping oppotunities. Unless you are still in doubt about SS watches and yummy gold bracelets. In that case: bring an enormous staple of books and put yourself on a ban:graucho:
  13. Girl, I wish I was in doubt! So, on the SS v. YG thing - I think if I had the YG bracelet, THEN I could be good with the SS watch, but knowing that the bracelet will be ages after the watch... I think I need to focus on the bracelet, and then maybe start saving for the watch.

    God, I could only share my weird thoughts and obsessions on bags and jewelry here. Seriously.
  14. DEF not weird ...its CREATIVE!!:yahoo:..cant wait to hear more:smile:

  15. Weird indeed. Seriously:P
    sounds like you've made a decision!! And I guess this decision means we have to find you a fun watch...
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