Jewelry Box in Action!!

  1. Gorgeous pics, ladies!

    Here's my rhr on the way to work this morning...

    Fancy yellow diamond, radiant, set in 18k YG bezel ring
  2. Love your VCA bracelet, it goes well with your ring

    That's cute
  3. Thank you! Its from Frey Wille, an Austrain company who is specialzed in enamel jewelry :smile:

    More photos..




  4. Thanks!
  5. Enameling!!! Fabulous, and nearly a lost art. I love the deco-esque graphics. Thank you for the reply & extra pics. Must Google now... ;)
  6. Gorgeous jewelry. Love your rings they are so unique.
  7. This is actually one ring with 2 different sides! :graucho:
  8. love the cartier love bangle! :love::smile:
  9. from my blog entry today ~ :flowers:

  10. I do agree with you 100%. MIdsize oyster and fluted bezel is casual enough with just a little bit of sparkle to make it stand up.
  11. Fabulous collection! I really love that necklace.
  12. This is what I wore a few days ago :heart::heart::heart:

  13. ^ooooooo:huh:OOOOOOOooooooo.... VERY nice, Blingaddict!

  14. Thank you so much :smile:
  15. LOVE your happy diamonds!