Jewelry Box in Action!!

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  1. I agree! Its so beautiful it doesn't even need a band.

  2. We seem to have very similar taste! I tried on a champagne/chocolate diamond trinity ring while I was at the jewelry store.... I was sorely tempted after seeing your bangle! If you indulge in the atlas collection let me know! I have a couple of pieces and I love them!
  3. Thank you so much!:hugs: I have decided to wear it alone. This setting looks great without a band. I am a bit wondering if I should have gone for a simple solitaire setting... Anyway, thanks for your nice words!:biggrin:
  4. Garnet is my birthstone but it's very rare that I see a piece that I like. This is so lovely!

  5. I'm garnet too. Happy Birthday month!

  6. It looks like baguettes, correct? I think it's a perfect, classic setting.
  7. Happy birth month to you too!
  8. Awwww my mother has a similar one too! She has a full set that she wore a lot back when i was little. Bless her heart and your mother's :*
  9. This is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I think it would look amazing by itself and doesn't need a band. :biggrin:
  10. Thanks! Yes, it's tapered baguettes. It's perfect setting for EC IMO;)

    Thank you Nikki!!! I have given up searching for a wedding band to match. I wear my EC ring alone 24/7.:biggrin:

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  11. If ever it was possible to steal a hand, I'd steal this one.

  12. With that e-ring, why would you bother with a band?

  13. :lol::amuse: Thanks!;)

    Thanks Skyqueen!!!!! My love for EC diamond started from when I purchased my EC RB alternating bracelet and I finally got my EC ring!!!:winkiss::biggrin:
  14. Oh my God!! How did i miss this combination! The ring (the ring is another story that cant be cut short!!) and the tennis bracelet are out of this world!!! Your taste is lovely.. pretty pretty amazing.. Wear them in best of health :* can you kindly link me if you have ever talked about the tennis bracelet? Would love to know more about it. Its so unique :smile:
  15. I just want to enphasize how i love the pairing of the (single) band with the tiffany ring
    It doesnt take away the beauty of any of them :smile:
    Its a fair share :smile: and i love the way you wore the tiffany first then the band :smile: