Jewelry Box in Action!!

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  1. Finally got a band for this. I think j would like something more petite but for now it should work decently. I plan on moving this to stack with a love ring when I get it! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1453695660.250004.jpg

  2. Thank you very very much!
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1453733104.031178.jpg
    I'm in the dark but finally got the line bracelet back and got the little band. I miss the extra ctw weight but I like that it doesn't go over my bangle. Happy to have some classic pieces in my collection.
  4. Very nice!:biggrin: My line bracelet easily goes over my other bracelets........ Love your new ring, too! I am now considering purchasing a WG metro diamond band to match with my EC ring.:smile:
  5. These are my first new EC ring in action pics in my car!:biggrin: My tiffany celebration bands and Love ring do not look good with it. And this buagette band looks very dark.... I need a new band:smile:

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  6. ^^Stunning! Specs please? :smile:

  7. It's great! I feel so much better about wearing it now. I still have the notion of passing down my bangle one day so while I love stacking I'm worried I'll mess it up without realizing. I'm considering making Tiffany style pearl drops with two of the diamonds that were removed. The jeweler offered me the option of making it into earrings.

    I highly recommend a good metro band. It just adds to everything. And I think a thin metro band works amazingly with bigger and beautiful classic stones. I think the difference in scale really makes the larger stone pop. I made sure this was D -E to color and vs1 so it sparkles nicely despite the size. I think you would really enjoy wearing one and they make so many different ctw. Sizes!

  8. Oh Einseine, this is truly stunning! I love this!!!! I definitely think a thin sparkly metro band would suit you nicely! This must be so stunning with your bracelet. your taste is impeccable. I always love seeing what you collect!
  9. Love your line bracelet and diamond bangle you wear , do you mind sharing the carat weight of each ?
  10. I am absolutely in love with this combination.. Its like you sprinkled sugar on it. So sweet :smile: will save the pic for my future reference :smile:
  11. What a lovely gift. I love the versatility. They look great. Wear them in good health and for many happy years to come.
  12. Amazing ring. Gorgeous and timeless. Is this garnet?
  13. Thank you MyLuxuryDiary!:biggrin: It's about 3.5 F VVS2! My finger size is 5.25.;)
  14. Tiffany style pearl drops with the removed diamonds sounds a good idea! I must consider shortening mine. It may look much nicer, but I really don't know what to do if I take out one of each EC and RB. Perhaps I will just lose the carat weight.

    Thank you for your input! All my bands do not look good with the EC ring (perhaps because of the setting). Tiffany celebration rings look really great with my RB classic setting!!!, but not with this. I thought I needed a thin band, and went to VCA and tried on a perlee small ring, but my EC ring looked better without it. A thin metro band will probably work! Or, I will wear my EC ring solo. I really love EC ring! Totally different look from my RB solitiare!! I am sure I prefer EC to RB. If you love an emerald cut diamond, you should choose it from the beginning!!!;)

  15. That is amazing. Honestly, I would wear it alone without any diamond bands. Let it stand out in its own.