Jessica Simpson's bag in this weeks US Weekly?

  1. Hey girls, I need your help on identifying this bag! It's stunning....does anyone know the brand and approx. price of this beautiful bag?

    Let me describe:
    it's leather-looking material with top handles that look like they could fit over the shoulder. the side pockets look like they could have a drawstring? they're stitched.. thats all i can see.. the color is an orangey-red.. it's on page 46.

    Thanks for any info! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. i know exactly which bag you're talking about.. not sure who's it is. you should try to find a pic online or take a pic of the magazine and post it.
  3. ^^^ ive tried to find it online, but no such luck....or i'm a dummy and didn't look in the right place, lol..

    i don't have a scanner so can't post it :sad:
  4. I have the magazine, and took a picture (don't have a scanner)..

    It's not a very good picture.. I couldn't use the flash on my camera, or else it would've had a glare. But a picture nonetheless. :biggrin:

  5. ^^^ yes xcrowx22, that's the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone know what bag this is and how much? I adore it :drool:
  6. Here are 2 more really good pics of it from online...



    What IS this bag!! I love it and want it so much :drool:!
  7. Oh, those pictures are a lot better than the one I took! Haha.

    I hope someone knows what it is, GayleLV! Good luck!
  8. oh its nice and large i like!
  9. They said what bag it was on a couple days ago...
  10. On GayleLV's behalf, do you remember what it was? Or do you have a link?
  11. ^I've been trying to find it! No luck so far!
  12. I've been looking for an hour. No luck, sorry!
  13. this is like, the great mystery bag...hopefully someone will find out it's identity soon!
  14. Try to get a hold of People Mag. It is a gorgeous bag!