j12 & Cartier LOVE bracelet

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  1. I'd say with a larger j12, go with separate wrists, but if you have the smallest size it looks good. I have a 38 and I find it kind of awkward to wear other bracelets with it
  2. I love this combination. Does Hermes make their Medor watch in various sizes?
  3. They make one smaller size than what I'm wearing. It is really small on...
  4. :smile:

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  5. Thanks for your reply, I love the size of this watch on you.

  6. First of all, I like the picture. They are beautiful on u! I have white J12.:smile:
  7. did you have any problem wearing this combo? any damage to the LOVE bracelet? It is the exact combo I hope to sport on my left wrist someday, a two tone rolex and a LOVE bracelet.

    When I went to a rolex store last week and spoke with the SA, however, she was very against it as well, saying wearing something like this would certainly damage the bracelet. :sad:
  8. Totally gorgeous, ladies! Love all the unique looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wear a tennis bracelet with my white J12...have for years 24/7.
    No scratches!
  9. there would likely be some scratching on the side of the love bracelet, it just depends how sensitive you are to that. i have only had my love bracelet a month maybe and it has surface scratches from light use-- but i don't mind it. at this point, with the initial scratches done, no harm in stacking for me! also i know my cartier store said that you can always bring it in to be polished. but not too often as it does polish away a slight layer of the gold.
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    here is mine, but personally I don't think these pieces look great mixed. The love bracelet is more delicate and the watch stands better alone personally? i don't mind mixing the metals though.

    edit-- it probably doesn't help that i prefer the inordinately huge 41mm j12.

  11. That combination is perfection! How do u keep your Love so pristine?

    Lucky lady to have those at only 24!!
  12. J12 white on the left and Love on the right
  13. This picture is so clear, it is amazing!
    I agree they dont look that amazing together, though
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