j12 & Cartier LOVE bracelet

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  1. White j12 and two love bracelets - wg with one diamond and yg w/o diamonds. My sister has a black j12 and a yg bracelet with one diamond. We never wear them on the same hand. Watches on our left and love bracelets on our right. :smile:
  2. j12 on the left love bracelet on the right :smile:
  3. Sigh. . .I still really want a j12 :shucks:
  4. Thanks for bumping my old thread!
  5. White J12 with diamond markers on the left and WG love bracelet with 4 diamonds on the right. :smile:

    But I love how the previous poster Zippie's black J12 and blinged out love bracelet look together!!
  6. I keep them separate too like everyone else's: Black J12 with diamond markers on the left and WG love bracelet with 4 diamonds on the right.
  7. White J12 with diamond markers on my left wrist & yg love on my right.
  8. I would love to see some pictures of the J12 and Love bracelet, but on separate wrists. :heart:
  9. I can't tell you how much I adore mine. It's my signature piece and it's so timeless and classic. It's heavy but feels really good on the wrist. Mine is a 17. Love, love, love it!;)
  10. I have both and wear my watch (black J12) on the left and love braclet (WG) to the right.
  11. I love when people bring back my old threads! I'm right-handed and wear WG Love on my right and watches on the left. But I'm thinking of switching wrists and putting Love on my left so it doesn't knock into things. But it might be hard getting used to j12 and other watches on right.
  12. J12 & Love bracelet = My dream combination since 2004. :love:

    But realistically I'd probably get a rolex or cartier because I can't mentally justify the price for the ceramic.... but so pretty....
  13. :useless:
  14. i have a white J12 I wear on my left wrist and a Yellow Gold Love bracelet that I wear on my right wrist.
  15. I have a YG Love bracelet that I now wear on my left wrist. I just switched it from the right because it was getting way too banged up (I'm right handed). I don't have a J12 but here is a pic of me wearing my Love bracelet with my Hermes Medor watch. I love the look of the bracelet and watch together, any watch really. I also like to keep one wrist free to wear other bracelets..


    (this pic is from when I wore it on the right)

    I also am 24 and have never seen someone my age with a Love bracelet but many of my friends know what a Love bracelet is and want one, it's just out of their financial reach. I think that's why older women are seen with them more, they are so expensive.

    If you get one you won't regret it! :smile:
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