j12 & Cartier LOVE bracelet

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  1. Does anyone have both? Do you wear together or on separate wrists? If you have both, which colors/gold? I'd love to see modeling pictures!
  2. i have both and wear seperate.

    always wear my watch on left and bracelets on the right.
  3. Do you take Cartier bracelet off yourself? It sounds difficult. What color J12 and what color bracelet?
  4. i havent taken it off since i got it. it is very difficult.

    in fact... i tried to just move one of the screws.. and i couldnt do it. im afraid my hand will slide.. and im gonna put a big dent in it.

    will probably go back to cartier when im ready.
  5. I also have both, and wear my white J12 on my left, and my yellow gold bracelet on the right, you can see my pictures of both at the jewelry ref. library.
  6. VuittonsLover and the graceful1 - Would you recommend purchasing the love bracelet? Are you comfortable in it never taking off? Also, how noticable are scratches? I'm wondering if I should just go for double charity one.
  7. The love bracelet is an expensive piece almost $4k ,therefore you have to be 100% sure is exactly what you want, I did purposely purchased it a 1/2 size bigger so I can be able to take it on/off w/ no hassle whatsoever, like any other 18k gold bracelet it will get scratch, but you can always take it to a Cartier Boutique for a polish and will looks as new, and in regards of the Charity Bracelet is less expensive (about $1k) is just 2 very small rings connected on silk cord, they are just 2 different bracelets.
  8. i purposely got the 16.. because i didnt want it flipping over. sooo mine is very snug. but not too snug..

    the day i got it.. i was soo aware of it on my wrist... and felt closterphobic... and wondered if i would be able to get through a week with it on full time.

    but you get use to it sooo quickly. i hardly know its on anymore.
  9. Do you know if this is a good investment piece? In other words, does the LOVE bangle hold its value like a Rolex? Also, do you feel more people in a certain age group wear them? Except for the celebritys wearing them recently, I have only seen them worn on women over age 50 or so. Also to thegraceful1 - is 1/2 size bigger all you need to get it on and off? The woman in Cartier measured my wrist and said I'd be a 17. So I guess if I did what you did, I'd get 17 and 1/2. What size is yours? Thanks for all of your help!
  10. Yes, I got a size 17, so in your case you're 17 then an 18 will be easy to take on and off (Cartier size are in full sizes).
  11. For the Cartier Love bangle does anyone know if you have to go down or up a size since its an open cuff bracelet?
  12. I have a 17 in the cuff which is open. I was told to also get a 17 in the closed bangle. The bangle in the same size # is still slightly bigger so the 2 bracelets would fit a little differently. If I want them to look the exact same size, it was suggested to me to get the 16 in the bangle. But I prefer the 17 and having it just a little bigger on my wrist.
  13. I wear my J12 and Cartier together, sorry about the picture quality.

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  14. Love both of them Zippie!!
  15. Fab bling you got Zippie!
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