j12 & Cartier LOVE bracelet

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  1. Wow how stunning...! :nuts:
  2. kbella - Thank you for posting the picture of your LOVE bracelet. It is absolutely stunning, especially next to your Hermes watch! The two really look amazing on your wrist.

    For everyone - Do you think a white J12 with diamond markers on the left wrist and a rose gold Love bracelet on the right wrist would be a good combination?
  3. Lanier-
    I think that would look great! They always compliment each other, no matter what.
  4. I wear my Love cuffs on my left hand and my j12 on my right (I'm lefty). I was wearing them together with my Tank and they got scratched, so I moved them.
  5. This combo is absolutely stunning!!! NEED these 2!!! Currently in the process of doing research on pricing etc (am a newbie :smile:)

  6. I love the look of watches + Love but my SA was very against this combo. She said one of her clients came into the store with a big DENT (not scratch!) on her love because the crown on her watch banged into the bracelet.

    I agree with whoops - I really wanted the j12 for the longest time but think Rolex and Cartier are a better investment.

    Here's a pic, not with a j12 but TT Rolex:
  7. What an awesome combo kohl. If I were to get a rolex that is exactly the one I would get. i called out of curiousity a few months ago on a gold rolex. OMG, I didn't realize they would be that expensive. I love your watch though.
  8. It's fantastic!! ;)
  9. I love your ring. :tup:
  10. Love when people on forum bring back my old threads! This one is almost 3 years old! Where did the time go?
  11. Thank you!!! It is actually my mom's watch :cool: but we "traded" for the time being because she wanted to wear my watch, so I got to wear hers!! :P I am surprised that the lady's version is very expensive (even with diamond markers) - how much were you quoted?
  12. I'm guessing that the ladies 2-tone with diamond markers is in the high $7,000s. I'll try to find out.
  13. kohl - Looks like the model # is 179173. Think it lists for $9950 but usually with a discount it can be purchased for $7665. Which watch did you trade with your mom that she is wearing?
  14. My Longines Bell'Arti watch. She liked mine (well of course because she was the one that bought it for me!) because of the bling - 1.98 carats of diamonds on the case. I like hers because it's TT!
  15. Absolutely breathtaking.
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