Isabel Marant Boots thread!

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  1. Oh, I am craving nowles boots for some time now; do you have any advice on the sizing since I have to get them online.. I am usual eur size 39 sometimes 38.5, and I have no idea should I just take 39 even though it’s French sizing? Getting 40 seems a bit too much in my head, but well I have never tried on any of the IM boots so I don’t have the slightest idea how small do they run, besides the usual and general opinion they tend to run small... ANY HELP is greatly appreciated! x
  2. Do Crisi or Dicker boots stretch out?
  3. My Dicker boots did not stretch stretch out. This is my third season wearing them and they’ve held up well. They are very versatile and I find them comfortable. Im a US 7M and wear a 37. I size up to a 37.5 in Valentino and YSL and some Gucci such as Princetown, but these Re true to size for me.
  4. Sorry for the delay. I am 39 in European size, I have 39 in Isabel Marant (the sizing is true to size with a little of big trend).
    I know sometimes the French size is a little different, but I think Isabel Marant is European size.
    I attach photo of the box and sole, all is 39

    I am 39 in Zara, for example. I buy sometimes 39.5 or 40 for high heels, to go more compfy, but I am always 39 in sandals, Nike sneakers, etc...
    I give you examples to compare!

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  5. Does anyone know if IM still makes the cluster boots. They seem hard to come by.
  6. Yes, I saw them on sale (brown) at my local retailer’s, they were FW18.
  7. Thanks! Id prefer black but would purchase any color but am having a rough time finding them online or in my local stores. Could be the time of year.
  8. You could try on Farfetch... I’ve just looked and there are some available there in black.
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  9. Will do thanks!
  10. I am new to Isabel Marant shoes and just purchased my first pair, preloved Rawson boots! I have worn them once already and had an issue with the strap detailing sliding down the shoe while I am walking. Does anyone else have this problem with this style or know how to fix it? Any help would be much appreciated :smile:
  11. Hi, I'm new to Isabel Marant boots. Anyone with experience with the new Dewina boots? Thank you.
  12. Anyone own Lamsy boots and can advise on sizing? I’m normally 36.5-37. I tried these boots on and thought the 37 was slightly large and 36 actually fit but scared to go down a size from what I am used to.
  13. Hi everyone - resurrecting this thread to ask about the Jenny boots. I'm trying to track down a pair on eBay, and I'm just wondering about the sizing. I have pretty narrow feet, and I'm a 7 in Gucci, Chanel, and Christian Louboutin, though sometimes I have to size up to a 37.5. The only shoe I'm a 38 in is Chanel espadrilles. Does anyone have any advice for sizing on Jennys? Thank you!
  14. I have suede Jenny boots in size 38. The fit of the 38 is comfy for me but not roomy or suited to wearing thick socks.
    My feet are wider than average in the toe box especially and I wear size 38 Gucci Princetowns, size 38 or 38.5 in Chanel and most of my old CLs (haven’t bought any for a few years) are 38s. I have Chanel fabric espadrilles in 38 and they’re wearable but a bit small - I’ve never tried the leather ones for size.
    I hope this helps and doesn’t make things more confusing for you :smile:
  15. Thank you! So you've found they run pretty true to size for you? I was looking at getting a pair of the suede Jennys in a 37.