Isabel Marant Boots thread!

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  1. Pretty true to size for me :yes:
  2. Yes, me too! Hmmm, I saw a pair of Birkenstocks that look like the mirvins. Maybe I should try with them first and then splurge on the IM pair... I’m a little on the fence with styling, plus where I live it’s going to be winter soon, so open shoes are not an option... I was thinking maybe with cashmere track pants or a pair of very cool jeans, but not sure I can pull that look off...
  3. The ones I bought were IM's "Gail Flame" sandal and they were as comfortable, if not more...then my Birks!

    I've never tried the Birkenstock sandals that look like the Mirvins, but if they're anything like her Gail Flame they'll probably be super comfortable. I honestly thought she might have had Birkenstock (in Germany) manufacture them, but her sandals are made in Portugal like most of her boots and leather goods.