Isabel Marant Boots thread!

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  1. anyone else ordering these? :nuts:

    cant wait for them to come!!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. I could never pull these off but they're hot hot hot!!

    ooohhhh! I hope karenab sees these! she will love them. I'm going to pm her right now!
  4. I want these so bad.
  5. are they available anywhere online?
  6. i don't believe that isabel marant is allowed to be sold online :sad:
  7. ^^you can get them from Satine Boutique...preordered them a couple months back :smile:
  8. hehe...yahhh i thought they were a bit wild at first too LOL

    we'll see when they get here!!

    ohhh are you going to order them too? i think satine boutique should still have some sizes available!

    i would try calling Satine Boutique in LA for them...i know they are getting them in--ask for Christine, tell her Cory sent ya :smile:

    yah i dont think so either =(
  9. just want to say that i work with christine too, and she is very sweet! you should def give her a call. i recently bought a plaid isabel marant shirt from her. :biggrin:
  10. :heart: those boots, cali!
  11. Not for me but to each her own.
  12. Those boots are hot!

    Calisnoopy - how much are they retailing for?
  13. ohhh yahhh christine is super sweet...i love the plaid isabel marant shirts...bought one last winter :smile:

    thanks!!! ;)

    yahhh they are kinda funky LOL

    they are retailing 1325 USD and I think Christine mentioned that there was already a waitlist for them back in April--they should arrive August/September range?

    you can email Christine about them

    or call Satine Boutique in Los Angeles :smile:

    Tell her Cory sent ya....i cant wait for mine

    She also helped me get my Balmain runway shoes...the IT shoes from their Spring/Summer 2009 collection


  14. Does anyone own these or have tried them on?

    And if you had to choose, which color would you get (and why)?

    • taupe grey
    • black



  15. taupe.