Isabel Marant Boots thread!

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  1. T
    Thanks so much, I will look into this!
  2. I was wondering if you guys prefer these or the Caleen boots ( from a few seasons back)
  3. Hey guys

    Hope you can help

    I've wanted a pair of brown dicker boots for years and now I'm finally taking the plunge.
    I've found 2 models on a website, both in the colour sepia brown. However one is AW16 and the other SS17. I can't see any difference from looking at the pictures.
    Do any of you know what the difference is between the two seasons?? Thanks!
  4. Look at these Dickers for her Etoile capsule collection! The colour is ! IMG_1506254236.458830.jpg
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  5. After I saw this photo, I had to have them!!

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  6. OMG! So glad you got them, I was sooo tempted. Then my size ran out. Did you get them from her site? I wonder if these are exclusives?
  7. I did. I called one of the NY stores and they didn't order the grey. I ordered a smaller size than usual and stretched 40s are a smidge big and 39 a bit small, but they're fine now.
  8. Not Isabel Marant boots related- hopefully someone here can help me out.

    I lost my Isbabel Marant Beckett Wedge sneakers thanks to Air Transat (lost my luggage a month ago!). I just ordered a replacement pair off EBay. I bought mine on a trip to Florida in late 2013 (don't have the receipt and I can't remember where I bought them- I want to say it was Bal Harbour mall?)

    For the life of me I can't remember what I size I had! I ordered a 38 (I am a US 7.5 sometimes 8 depending). Did I order the right size? As per the I.M size chart a 38 = US 38?

  9. Im dying for these!! Congrats!
    May i ask where you bought them?
    Im in Australia and hoping to find these
    If anyone sees a pair in a 39, please let me know TIA
  10. I ordered from the website-they were shipped from Europe I believe.
  11. Thanks! 39 is gone wondering if a 38 would fit... ?
    Do you find they are sized like previous season Dickers?
  12. I do.
  13. Thanks!! Hmm might have to keep looking for a 39...
  14. i have a question about sizing:

    the only dickers i own are from the main line (not etoile) so all my dickers do not have the stitched sole. i have size 39 for those.

    i recently tried on the etoile dickers in all black leather and the taupe suede. i tried both 39 and 40. the 39’s were too small and the 40’s too big. i’m guessing i’m 39.5.

    can anyone comment on sizing differences between the old main line dickers from 5+ years ago to the etoile dickers of late? do you find that the newer dickers are running small to size in comparison to the older dickers?

    thanks in advance for your input!!
  15. I got my 3rd pair of Isabel Marant Boots. Nowles in black, size 39. I bought my new Nowles in Private sales (for cyber Monday) in Mytheresa, with 30% discount! So happy with them!!

    I have from the past:
    - a pair of Bobby in black (are a little big, 39, in my usual size and heavy to wear a lot of hours in my opinon. I am not using them a lot)
    -a pair of Basley in gray in 39 (sooo comfy! Is sad I.M. stop the production of this model).

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