Isabel Marant Boots thread!

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  1. Hi ) Can you make a picture of signs of authentic Nowels boots? I have two pairs of Beketts and know their signs, but I think on Nowels they are different... (I mean brand name sign on footbed and etc.) I will be very grateful with your help!
  2. Does someone have the danae boots? How do you find the sizing, comfort and quality?
  3. I have the Danae boots but I only bought them recently, during my summer, so I haven't worn them out and about yet.
    First impression though; I absolutely love them. Very comfortable and stable with an ideal heel for easy walking. The leather is quite pliable and the elastic sides grip the ankles nicely. Deservedly popular!
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  4. Thank you! What color/print do you have? I am thinking about the snake print ones in the warm yellow/almost orange color (amber gold). Will I get good use out of them? Ideally I would like the more pale yellow ones from previous seasons, but then I have to hold out for something to pop up on vestiaire collective.
  5. I bought the amber gold snake print :love:
    Actually I hadn't paid enough attention to notice that there was a paler colour originally - I thought it was the same amber print in different lighting & I didn't get a chance to see them IRL before purchase. Anyway, the available amber with contrast black heels and elastic is gorgeous - neutral but distinctive - and it works with my monochrome wardrobe as well as navy, military green, burgundy, whites/creams/beiges - almost anything except pastels probably. Actually thinking about it they would look great with pastel mint green, or a pale pink/red combo . . . will go with almost everything IMO! :tup:
    Not being familiar with your personal style I can tell you that these boots definitely have a kind of hybrid rocker/retro style while still being feminine so I think they would work for most. I'm planning to get a lot wear out of mine now the weather is cooling down - can't wait to get them out!
  6. This is why I love this forum. Always such helpful people :smile: I just bought them online. I on the other hand have to wait for the weather to heat up to wear them because of snow.
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  7. Bumping this thread up for a sizing question. I recently fell in love with the IM Etoile Rawson boots. Is the sizing in IT or FR? I found a size 39 and if its FR sizing then it would be perfect for me.
  8. Anyone owes this style Nira boots? It's super soft and I love it but wondering how to wear it? Is it better with skirts or tights? IMG_1494293563.225889.jpg
  9. Thank you, I think I'll try these and go one size down, I think theyre a nice take on the classic black that is always available! Thanks so much for your input!
  10. just curious, do you happen to know if these would ever go on sale?
  11. I don't think so, i always see them at full price. Not a 100% sure though.
    Let me know if you end up getting them
  12. I usually keep an eye on this website
    They usually have IS boots/shoes on sale. Sign up for their newsletter they will send you additional discount code during US holiday
  13. Thank you! Will do!