Is this still in stores?

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    Hey ladies, i'm referring to the top middle bag, 1895 retail. is this still available? i remember buying the same style in white last year i think, but i want to get a fall/winter color. is this style still around? what's it called?
  2. I love that bag so much! Email Denise at Nordstrom with the style number and she can let you know if she has it in stock. I wonder how the measurements compare to the grand shopping tote. Is the one you posted signficantly smaller? Anyway, here's Denise's email:
  3. Roey, is the Timeless cc same as the GST?
  4. hey sophiawinter... it's not the GST. it's smaller, fatter, with one zip, not open. the GST is too big, but this is size between the petit and the grand. not sure if it's officially called a medium.
  5. Have you seen the Nordstrom pdf on the cruise timesless cc? Its BEAUTIFUL!
  6. The GST is to the right of it, and it is longer. I think the middle bag is about 10" long and the GST is exactly 13" long.
  7. Is the middle one Nicole Richie's bag?
  8. The middle one, A18004etc., in pink is one I posted to find the model, I just found the white tag with the numbers in my purse but the last numbers are different because of the color., I bought mine last year at Saks, Florida, will ask if they still have it and in what colors.
  9. habanerita - that'd be awesome if you could find out!!
  10. babyhart, the top middle bag I think looks like its part of the permanent collection in beige, pink and black only. I think that grey colour is seasonal..

    Im actually wanting to get one if im lucky..Im pretty sure Kate Moss has the beige.
  11. Babyhart, thanks,....YES! that's mine in the center in pink!!this forum is so great for finding things out........the numbers match the numbers in my purse except for the color numbers at the end...........thanks guys!!!
  12. babyhart, I've called Dadeland Saks SA to find out if they have any and in what color, will let you know....
  13. That's so nice of you. :smile:
  14. Re: A-18004 -Thre is one available down at my Saks., the price is $1,475, the color is black, it is gorgeous.....if any of you are still interested let me know, will give you SA name, and telephone number to call asap.
  15. $1475 must be caviar leather. The one in the photo is calf. My Saks s/a said the calf leather scratches. What color is the hardware on the caviar black - silver or gold?